Great Business Card Design | Guidelines for an Effective Business Card Design

Great Business Card Design | Business cards are used by individuals in big and small time business. It represents who an individual is. It gives people an idea of what someone is capable of doing in the event that the service one offers is desirable in the future. Leaving a new contact with your business card provides a reminder of your meeting. When they pull your card from their pocket, they’ll recall your discussion and be more likely to follow up with you. A creative or custom designed card represents more than just a name and phone number, it is also your brand character. But with so many business cards in the field, it’s essential to have one that will stand out among all the rest. Following these modest tips will help you design an exceptional business card that will be remembered even in the largest mass.

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Paper Quality | Great Business Card Design

A business card should deliver a sense of quality and professionalism as well as attention to detail. It all starts with the selection of paper stock a business chooses for the card. Think about how your business card feels in your clients’ hands and the image that is projected. Is your business card light and fragile, telling prospects that your company stands on shaky ground? Or is it solid and strong, demonstrating that your business is well grounded and prepared to handle any situation? Some will say that you want the texture of your card to stand out. That would be a good rule to follow as long as an exterior of the card still allows for people to write on it. Many times, people will make notes on business cards to help them remember the person that gave it to them. As a general rule, you should pick thick stock, but since thickness will not make a big difference in some occasions, you should consider your actual needs before making your choice to keep your costs little.

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Great Business Card Design | Guidelines for an Effective Business...

Design Simplicity | Great Business Card Design

Keep your business card simple. Don’t use too many fonts or try to put too much information in it. Try to use an enjoyable layout and make sure that your main message (your tagline or your unique selling proposition) doesn’t get lost. Don’t make your logo too large, don’t make the font too small to be comfortably read, and don’t be afraid to use white space. Ultimately the reason for distributing your business card is because you want to allow people to contact you. Therefore the use of a clean and straightforward design immediately shows that you care about appearance, prompting the recipient to get in touch.

Color Choice | Great Business Card Design

Any business stationery, along with your product packaging, should replicate a unified image and branding and color is the best way to achieve and improve this. Choosing two main brand colors will make it easier for your forecasts and clients to remember them, and easier for you to apply them regularly. If you have bright colors in your image or logo, use black or other bright colors that work with it. If your colors are muted, earthy or pastel, stick to that scheme with the other colors. When you use colors over a long period of time, people remember them and the new colors might not resonate instantaneously. Your color selections can have a great impact on the type of printing process you can use, as well as the cost of your printed piece.

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Great Business Card Design | Guidelines for an Effective Business...

Great Business Card Design | Website Design –

Information | Great Business Card Design

Just because you only have a few inches of space to work with doesn’t mean you still can’t get your message across and do it in a way that doesn’t require packing every possible bit of information about your business. Some will make the argument that a super-cool card with just a URL will be eye-catching enough to make people visit your site. Don’t rely on it. While having a few of these cards in your arsenal may be ok, it is imperative to have an identifying card for potential customers. Your card only needs your business name, your name and title, phone number, email address, and website. Unproductive business cards are those that hide their contact information away in the corner of the card. Be bold and direct and display confidence in your product with contact details that leap right off the card.

If you are able know your goals then it would be easier for you to know what to put in your business card. It will also serve as a guide on how you’ll card will look.

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