High Quality Business Card Designs | Put Your Best Foot Forward! 6 Tips And Tricks For Designing Effective Business Cards

High Quality Business Card Designs | Put Your Best Foot ...

High Quality Business Card Designs | Business cards are one of the most effective marketing tools that you will use, as they provide potential clients with an introduction to your business, and to you personally. They are an initial contact for your business and thus a vital tool for building your image and conveying your message. There are a number of services that offer business cards with generic designs, but it is worth the investment to use business cards that have been custom-made just for you. A well-designed business card can boost legitimacy of your business, and can make you stand out in a saturated market.

High Quality Business Card Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

The preponderance of do-it-yourself online printing companies is an interesting and somewhat troubling phenomenon. Think about it. When you choose to “go cheap” on your business cards, what message does that send to those with whom you want to do business? Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to first impressions. No matter how great your product or services are, if your business card doesn’t look professional, you will lose business. Here are some tips and tricks to help you design a card that will stand out from the crowd and leave the best impression possible on your potential clients.

Communication Is Key | High Quality Business Card Designs

Before you get carried away with the design, keep in mind the main goal of your business card: to communicate who you are and what you do. All of your other choices (color, font, size, graphics) should be working to effectively communicate this message. Working within this tiny canvas you can still get creative with the space: start by considering the key information you want to include, which will usually be a name, phone number and email address, then work your design around presenting this information in a unique way.

High Quality Business Card Designs | Put Your Best Foot ...

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Be Unique | High Quality Business Card Designs

This is particularly important if you’re attending a convention, networking event, or business opportunity. What will make your card stand out from the others? A business card represents your brand by introducing brand elements, such as logo, colors and fonts. It is of the utmost importance that your business card is consistent with your other branded materials. This helps to reinforce your brand, helping potential clients remember you and your business better.

The Issue Of Size | High Quality Business Card Designs

There are things you can do to a business card to stand out, but going with an unusual shape can be tricky. A round card, for example, is quite memorable, but it definitely won’t fit in standard business card holders. The typical business card size is 3.5” x 2” — meaning wallets and business card holders are made to fit this size. If you business card won’t fit into these items, it may get tossed in the trash — making you lose out on potential business.

Ensure Your Text Is Readable | High Quality Business Card Designs

This is a vitally important, yet often overlooked element in business card design. You wouldn’t want your clients to have to squint to read your website address or email. Make sure your information is at least 8 pt, in a clear readable font and in bold color. Sans-serif fonts such as Frutiger, Myriad, Arial, and Helvetica are much easier to distinguish at small sizes because they lack the “feet” of serif fonts like Times, Minion, and Garamond. If you’re placing light-colored text on a dark background, it’s vital to use a sans-serif font, because the dark ink spreads into the letterforms and renders serifs unreadable.

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High Quality Business Card Designs | Put Your Best Foot ...

Have Your Business Cards Printed On Good Card-Stock | High Quality Business Card Designs

If the card feels flimsy or looks like you printed it yourself on a cheap office printer, it will leave people with impression that they are dealing with a business that will disappear as soon as the owner finds a real job. Have your business card professionally printed on good heavyweight business card stock. Compare papers when shopping for business card printing services. You’ll want 12-14pt thickness for best impression and durability.

High Quality Business Card Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Use Special Finishes With Caution | High Quality Business Card Designs

A great way to add effect to your business card, and make it stand out from any pile is to use a special finish. Special finishes include the likes of foil blocking, spot-UV and metallic inks, and can add significant cost to your print. However, people write on business cards all the time. For example, you might write down a price quote, where you met the person, the document you’re supposed to email them, and so on. While glossy business cards look sophisticated, they’re impossible to write on. Instead, opt for a matte finish.

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