High Quality Business Cards | How to Select the Right Paper Stock for your Business Card

High Quality Business Cards | How to Select the Right Paper Stock...

High Quality Business Cards | Even though plenty of digital methods of storing and transferring your contacts exist, there is still no replacement for the natural value in handing somebody your business card. From making a strong first impression to solidifying a lasting business association, the paper trace that a card provides remains a priceless tool. Today’s professionals are overwhelmed with e-mails and requirements so let your business card be an original reminder. Any business that is serious in building a good client base has to create a very good, eye catching and message conveying business card.

High Quality Business Cards | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

A business card should transmit a sense of excellence and professionalism as well as attention to detail. It all starts with the selection of paper stock a business chooses for the card.

Paper Weight | High Quality Business Cards

This is surely one of the most important characteristics. Lighter (i.e. thinner) paper is cheaper and it does not take a great deal of room (think that the receiver may put lots of business cards in his wallet, for instance – thick paper means they are uncomfortable to store). Nevertheless, thicker paper is much more resistant. Card stock carries a paper weight assortment of 80 pounds to 110 pounds. They are sturdier forms of paper and better endure excessive handling, which is important for business cards. A higher paper weight results in a more inflexible card, while lower paper weights result in flimsier cards. If your business card is double-sided, you have to make sure each side will hold the ink well. Even if your card is just one-sided, you don’t really want to pick anything too light or fragile. Light card stock breaks down easily and usually has a less professional feel about it.

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High Quality Business Cards | How to Select the Right Paper Stock...

Color | High Quality Business Cards

You may use various different colors, and even white has various tones: natural white, blue-white, soft white etc. What you need to think about before choosing a background color is what colors you want the text and images printed to have.

Finish | High Quality Business Cards

The finish of card stock (glossy, matte, textured, regular) furthermore determines the quality and cost of the business card.

Glossy stocks are usually seen in business cards. Glossy stocks have an aqueous outside layer that creates a shiny finish and are best for bright colors and double-sided printing. One excellent benefit of this kind of stock card is that , the glossy finish protects the card, and makes it last longer. On a glossy paper stock, ink colors will pop more, giving them a more vibrant look. The inks do not immerse into the glossy papers so much as they do on non-glossy paper stocks. In effect, they sit on top of the paper surface.

Matte stocks are one of the most commonly chosen papers for business cards offering smooth, non-shiny finishes. Also, this type of card stock has a silky type of surface. Matte cards come in diverse ranges of colors but the most popular is the white color. Matte paper is not very reflective and isn’t shiny, but it is easy to view in all lighting circumstances and it is ideal for anything where readability is essential.

Textured finish comes equally in the glossy and matte card stocks. This type of card stock makes a business card exceptional and noticeable. This paper truly appeals to the touch and when you hand out your business card to your customers they are sure to be tempted to give your business card a feel or two.

Regular cardstock is just as it sounds, the usual everyday cardstock. This is the cheapest and the most widespread type of business card that can be seen anywhere. It comes with no unique design or peculiar finish. It is just an average stock card, that just portrays the information on the business card.

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High Quality Business Cards | How to Select the Right Paper Stock...

High Quality Business Cards | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Nothing is fairly like the feel of a high quality stock business card. They don’t rumple and fold like thinner counterparts and they make a nice first impression. Using a good stock can send the message that you care about quality. Although some of the paper that you can buy to create your personal business cards is heavy enough to pass for an authentic business card, you will get far better results by having your business cards professionally typeset and printed. If the card feels fragile or looks like you printed it yourself on a cheap printer, it will leave people with impression that they are dealing with a company that will vanish pretty soon.

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