High Quality Logo Designs | How LO can you GO? Why A Logo Should Cost More Than Your Lunch

High Quality Logo Designs | How LO can you GO? Why A Log...

High Quality Logo Designs | Every company needs a logo and a brand. It’s that simple. You know it. We know it. The entire world knows it. It’s not uncommon to find such advertisements as “all types of logos available for just $50.″ In reality, good custom logo designs take considerable amount of time and cost hundreds of dollars to create. Professional graphic designers spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours creating numerous drafts and revisions for a single logo, meeting with business owners, while also researching the market and the industry.

High Quality Logo Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

What about those $25 dollar logo design contests, then? Why do some business owners pay thousands for their new brand, when they could have a great new logo for $25? Why do successful businesses avoid these methods like the plague? As your mother always told you – “If its sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” And mothers are always right.

What is a logo | High Quality Logo Designs

A logo is a combination of text and graphics meant for creating a visual identity of a company, institution or organization. In the business world, the logo becomes your company’s key identity mark that conveys the character of your business, its mission and its philosophy. A logo’s design is for immediate recognition, inspiring trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority.

The logo is one of the most crucial elements of a company’s commercial brand, and its shapes, colors, fonts, and images usually are different from others in a similar market. Well-designed logos are always the result of immense creative endeavors. Effective logos that stick are not created by fluke; they are the result of well defined procedures.

High Quality Logo Designs | How LO can you GO? Why A Log...

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Free and discount logo design – obtain little value at great risk | High Quality Logo Designs

As a business owner, it is perfectly understandable to search for money saving opportunities. Your logo should never fall into this category.
Your brand and logo are a long-term investment that will last throughout the life of the company. Brand development requires a lot of time from a well-trained and talented designer; someone who’s going to pour their heart into your company logo’s design, and then turn this creation and all reproduction rights to it over to you.

But the end result of the entire process is a logo that ensures originality, guarantees recognition with huge visual impact, rightly conveys your brand message, builds up the value and promises the enhanced business. Because your logo will be associated with your company for years to come and recognized by your existing and potential clients, are you sure you want to take the fast lane and bypass a key marketing component?

How saving a few bucks can cost you in the long run | High Quality Logo Designs

Ah, the online logo creator. Templates galore! You know your logo should be unique and created exclusively for your business, right? An effective logo designing is much more than lifting from free clip-art directories and producing of a piece of graphic to which you have no ownership. Custom logo designing involves effective visualization and only an experienced team can rightly produce the end result.

Those same templates have been used by numerous individuals and companies across the globe, therefore diminishing the chances of your logo being 100% original. Your business is unique, so why shouldn’t your logo be? How to avoid potential problems down the road? Pick your designer or design company wisely, and make sure your logo is custom and not a multi-owner logo template.

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High Quality Logo Designs | How LO can you GO? Why A Log...

How much does a logo cost | High Quality Logo Designs

The cost of a professional logo design is a question that cannot be easily answered as every company has different needs, however, the best way to approach this question is to draw up a customized quote for each individual. A number of factors have to be taken into consideration when designing a logo, such as how many logo concepts need to be presented, how many revisions are required, how much research is needed, the size of the business and so on.

High Quality Logo Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

As you know, quality has its price, so has the custom logo which is the combination of creativity, marketing sense and knowledge about socio-psychology in one. When it comes to designing your logo, don’t take the easy way out. Professionals have the capacity, knowledge and insight needed to create your perfect brand and identity. Isn’t that worth your time, energy and resources?

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