Holiday Photography Marketing Tips | Great Photography Marketing Ideas To Survive The Holiday Season

Holiday Photography Marketing Tips | Great Photography ...

Holiday Photography Marketing Tips | It’s obvious the holiday season is much, much more than just December 25 – in fact, we’ve got two whole months of holidays to celebrate. But for photographers, that also means that right now, you have to start thinking about and planning your holiday campaigns. The holidays are a vital time of the year for photographers. Not only do people dress up in a variety of colorful outfits, but they’re also looking to capture special moments forever. It’s the time of year when even the stingiest of clients pry open their wallets and let few bucks fall out. If you haven’t started marketing yet – what are you waiting for?

Holiday Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Is your photography business positioned as THE local resource and authority for interesting and memorable photographic gifts? Now is the time to make your work stand out, and with this year’s shopping season, there’s not time to waste. So, if you’re already behind on your marketing plans through year’s end, take some time to read up on the some areas you should keep in mind, so you can implement an effective holiday campaign. It’s time to put on your Santa hat, pull out the candy canes, and put a smile on your face. It’s go time. Here are some tips to market your business and boost your revenue during the holiday season.

Check Websites For Mobile And Tablet Friendliness | Holiday Photography Marketing Tips

Your website is often the first impression that people have of your business and can be thought of as your virtual storefront. According a recent study, “20% of website sales and more than 43% of website traffic will come from mobile devices in November 2014.” What does that mean for photographers? It’s time get down to business and boost your mobile presence.

Holiday Photography Marketing Tips | Great Photography ...

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Increase Social Media Activity | Holiday Photography Marketing Tips

More than 50% of black Friday purchases will be the result of social media marketing. How active are you on social media? If you faithfully post, reply, and interact with clients all year, then the holiday season will be a piece of cake. Sign up for accounts on Facebook, Pinterest and other popular social platforms to share your photos, and to promote your offers. Tag your clients in photos, and don’t forget to include watermarks in your photos, so that all friends of your clients know about you.

Focus On Customer Delight | Holiday Photography Marketing Tips

As you think about the goals for your campaign, think about how you can make sure you are making your clients happy. If you can slightly change an element of your holiday strategy to show your appreciation for your clients, do it. Give your clients just a little more than what expect. Print them a large-format photo for free, or present them a magnet with a photo from their session. Don’t forget about discounts and bonuses either. That’s one of the most powerful incentives to remember you as a good photographer.

Send Out E-mail | Holiday Photography Marketing Tips

If you are a portrait photographer, your email list is your greatest asset. Yet most people completely disregard the value of this data. As soon as you know what your deals, discounts and marketing themes for the holidays will be, start creating emails. This is the easiest and quickest way to let all of your clients know about your upcoming holiday sales. If you decide to do mini sessions or a seasonal promotion you can simply send out an email and know that everyone on your list will see it, unlike on Facebook where only a small portion of your fans will actually see your post.

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Holiday Photography Marketing Tips | Great Photography ...

Send Holiday Or New Year’s Cards To Clients | Holiday Photography Marketing Tips

Keep your business on top of your clients’ minds by sending them Christmas or New Year’s cards. This may spark some sales, but it also builds relationships with clients and boosts client loyalty. Make sure you offer discounts with the cards, making this a powerful reminder of your business. Print off a couple of your very best shots in a small size, and include a card with a coupon for your services.

Holiday Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Give Gifts, Give Back | Holiday Photography Marketing Tips

‘Tis the season to give gifts all around. Non-profit organizations are always looking for creative fundraisers, and end-of-year giving is an ideal chance for a win-win promotion. Pick a charity that you love and explain to the board that you want to do something to benefit those that are so generously giving to a cause you support. Use your skills for cross-promotion by volunteering. Create a gallery of those images on your website so that the couples attending the event will have the opportunity to see your work on the way to claiming their digital image.

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