Holiday Photography Marketing | Give Your Photography Business A Holiday Boost: Tips for Effective Marketing Photography

Holiday Photography Marketing | Give Your Photography ...

Holiday Photography Marketing | It’s obvious the holiday season is much, much more than December 25. In fact, we’ve got two whole months of holidays to celebrate. But for business owners, that also means that right now, you have to start thinking about and developing your holiday campaigns. To push the limits on holiday sales, most entrepreneurs begin promoting their Christmas goodies as early as the day after Halloween. Now is the time to make your work stand out, and with this year’s short shopping season, there’s no time to waste. December 1st is far too late to begin with your promotional efforts!

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Holiday marketing is more popular than ever with small businesses. Just look around at how frequently you see the words “sale” or “specials” combined with a holiday name such as Christmas. Fresh advertising tactics can be rewarding if they are successful – but become costly mistakes if they bomb – particularly towards the end of the calendar year. It is wise to include some of the old “tried and true” strategies in your holiday advertising and marketing campaigns.

Get Your Studio Listed In Local Listings | Holiday Photography Marketing

When you search on Google and include a location in your keyword, such as “New York Wedding Photographer,” Google is now putting their Google Local listings BEFORE the organic listings in their rankings. These listings are free, so go and get one now! All you have to do is check that your business information is properly listed in online directories like Google Places, Bing, etc. Not only will it help clients trying to find you online, it also gives your blog or website more authority according to Google, meaning it will have a positive effect on your SEO rankings, which is always good.

Holiday Photography Marketing | Give Your Photography ...

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Rock Your Social Media | Holiday Photography Marketing

For most photographers, Facebook is the most likely place where an ideal client is spending time. Twitter and Google+ tend to attract more business owners. So if you mostly do photography for other businesses instead of for the general public, then those two might be a better place to focus your efforts. Uploading images to Facebook and tagging your clients in them is a really fantastic way to get the word out about your business, because all their friends may see the photos tagged of them.

Blog Regularly | Holiday Photography Marketing

Google likes websites that create fresh content on a regular basis. Blog the photographs you take, blog about things that appeal to your target audience, and feature vendors that have similar ideal clients as you. It’s also extremely effective to blog about things that your clients want to know. For example, wedding photographers may want to put out a series on their blog with tips for brides for having better wedding photography (such as hiring a professional lighting company, or not getting ready in a church kitchen), whereas portrait photographers may post about what to wear to a session.

Start Building An Email List Right Away | Holiday Photography Marketing

If you are a photographer, your email list is your greatest asset. Yet most people completely ignore the value of this data. The beauty of the email list is that these clients already like your work enough to give you their email address. They want to hear about your business and about the products you are offering. Building a database long term is vital to success, however, use it cautiously, to keep potential clients up-to-date and informed.

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Holiday Photography Marketing | Give Your Photography ...

Offer Referral Bonuses | Holiday Photography Marketing

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective things you can have for improving your business. One way to help encourage that is to reward people for telling their friends about your business and how awesome you are. Consider offering your clients one free 16×20″ print (only costs you a few dollars) if they will write up a quick testimonial of their experience with you, so you can post it on the blog. Have them share that post with their Facebook friends – when a friend reades a testimonial like this, you are very likely to get their business, if they are considering hiring a photographer.

Holiday Photography Marketing | Website Design –

Contests And Giveaways To Build Buzz Online | Holiday Photography Marketing

If you want to build some buzz on your blog or Facebook page, contests are a great way to boost engagement. You’ll want to determine where to hold the contest, what to offer and how to make the best use of the buzz generated. Seek out opportunities to give your work away, and you’ll find work coming back your way.

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