Hot Photography Marketing Tips | Don’t Wait For An Opportunity – Create It! 4 Marketing Tips To Grow Your Photography Business TODAY!

Hot Photography Marketing Tips | Don't Wait For An Opportunity - ...

Hot Photography Marketing Tips | You’ve been saving money for months now to get all the right equipment. You quit your day job and jumped through all the hoops to register your own business. You just turned pro! Yet, the phone isn’t ringing as much as you expected. This can be absolutely devastating, but you’d be amazed just how many photography enthusiasts experience similar wake up call when they realize that running a successful photography business requires a lot (and we do mean a lot) more than the ability to take stunning photos. The good news is that turning your passion for photography into a profitable business isn’t impossible.

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So, what’s the secret to success? Why some photographers go viral, while other arguably more talented photographers only end up closing their businesses? Luck? Not really – when it comes to business, there’s no such thing as luck! As Oprah (one of the most successful business women in the world, mind you!) said: There’s only preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. So, you’ve prepared and all you need is that ever elusive moment of opportunity? Don’t wait for it – create it! That’s what marketing is all about. And to help you hit the ground running, we found some of the best marketing hacks for photographers on any budget! Let’s dive right in!

Look It Up! | Hot Photography Marketing Tips

Remember the dial up sound from back in the days when we used the Internet to connect with friends and family, watch funny cat videos (I mean, come on, who can resist those silly, silly cats?) and chat with strangers in AOL chat rooms? Oh boy, have things changed! Even though the cat videos are still the absolute highlight of the Internet (I think I might have a problem here!), there are many other aspects of the Internet that make it one of the most critical tools of our modern lives. Needless to say, it’s also one of the most powerful tools of every business owner – and photographers are by no means an exception.

Hot Photography Marketing Tips | Don't Wait For An Opportunity - ...

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Building a solid online presence is no longer optional if you’re serious about your business. We all do our research online before making a purchase, and the same goes for your potential clients – which means your business needs to be online. However, the Internet offer more ways and tools to promote the products and services you’re providing and trying to find the best tools can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out. So, where should you start? It’s easy – your website!

Your Website Is Your Calling Card | Hot Photography Marketing Tips

Even if you rely on the traditional advertising tactics and you actually get the attention of your potential clients, bear in mind they will want to check out your portfolio website before hiring you. If you don’t have a website to showcase your work set up, your potential clients will think you’re not that serious about your business, and they’ll move on to another photographer without giving you a second thought. The great news is that setting up a website that works doesn’t have to be expensive or exhausting.

The bad news is that not all websites are created equal. To get the most out of your website, you’ll want to make sure it’s optimized for search engines, easy to use, fast to load, and built do impress! You’ll also need to make sure it works well across all devices – almost half of Internet users are using mobile devices to browse, so if your website doesn’t look just as good on a smartphone or a tablet as it does on a desktop computer, it will do more damage than not having a website at all!

Social Media Is The New Frontier | Hot Photography Marketing Tips

While setting up a website is vitally important for every business, you’ll only waste your time by setting up a website and waiting for the phone to start ringing off the hook. After all, even the world’s most appealing website won’t do you any good if no one ever visits. This is where social media can come in handy: it’s a great way to point your potential clients to your website and boost traffic. Keep in mind, though, that there are countless social networks out there, so you’ll need to figure out which ones are most likely to attract your ideal client and find a way to get on their radars.

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Hot Photography Marketing Tips | Don't Wait For An Opportunity - ...

Don’t mistake social media for an ad dumping place – it’s called social for a reason. Your goal isn’t to bombard your friends, fans, and followers with generic ads; instead, you’ll want to engage them in a conversation. To do that, share content that’s interesting, informative, and entertaining, otherwise you’ll use your following. By sharing tips and tricks for a better session, for example, you’ll be building a reputation of a reliable expert and an industry leader, which will make your potential clients that much more likely to hire you!

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Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You | Hot Photography Marketing Tips

Even the world’s most charming business owner won’t be able to keep their clients coming back for more unless the products or services they provide meet and exceed the expectation of their clients. Yet, you’d be amazed how many photographers stop working on improving their products and services when they get a taste of success. Never put the product behind the money it brings in – instead, make sure your services become synonymous with quality and reliability.

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