Iconic Logo Designs Explained | Master The Art Of Logo Design! The Complete Guide For Photographers

Iconic Logo Designs Explained | Master The Art Of Logo Design! The ...

Iconic Logo Designs Explained | Many photographers still underestimate the importance of a well-designed logo. Even though the logo will often play the second fiddle to the pictures you take, it doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most important elements of your brand that can affect whether a potential clients remembers and calls you when they require the services you’re providing or simply hire another photographer in your area.

Iconic Logo Designs Explained | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

We live in a world painted with logos – from the smartphones and laptops we use every day to billboards shouting the sale messages at us on our way to work, everything seems to be proudly featuring a logo that even a kid can recognize. If Apple can show off their logo on each and every product they launch, why should you be any different? Even though you’re running a much smaller business, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a logo just as effective!

Know Your Target Audience | Iconic Logo Designs Explained

If you’re taking your photography business seriously, chances are, you already have your target audience clearly defined! This will be incredibly important, because you need to make sure your logo stands out and appeals to your ideal client. So, you might be the edgiest person in your family, but if you’re targeting seniors, or proud new parents, a bold, grungy logo won’t do much for you. While it’s useful if you like your logo, it’s far more important to make sure your ideal clients love it.

Iconic Logo Designs Explained | Master The Art Of Logo Design! The ...

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Kick It Off With Some Sketches | Iconic Logo Designs Explained

While many photographers will sit down at a computer the moment they decide they need a logo, ask yourself what you learned to use first – a computer mouse or pen and paper? Using a sketchpad will allow the ideas to flow more freely and quicker, so try and fill at least a few pages of rough sketches before choosing the one you like the most, and only then turn on your computer and start designing your logo.

Don’t Follow The Pack | Iconic Logo Designs Explained

If you’re hoping to come up with a logo that stands out, you need to make sure it’s unique – so, take a look what’s already out there and find an opening for something new. Think about it: how is your logo supposed to stand out if you’re using the same idea as most of other photographers in your particular niche? When it comes to making your logo unique, pay attention to each and every detail, from the shape and the flow of the graphic to the colors and fonts.

Keep It Simple… But With A Twist | Iconic Logo Designs Explained

When it comes to logos, just like with everything else in life, less is often more. Don’t try and cram too munch into your logo – it doesn’t have to tell your entire business story, after all. It’s an emblem, not a manifesto! Think about Apple’s logo. Sure, it’s a simple apple, but it’s the missing bite that gives it that extra punch.

A famous sculptor said that a thing isn’t perfect when there’s nothing left to add, but when there’s nothing left to be removed. Not only will a complicated logo be more difficult to print, but it will also fail to engage your target audience. Effective and successful logos are all simple, with a surprising twist that makes them stand out!

Make It Readable | Iconic Logo Designs Explained

Speaking of simplicity – make sure you don’t use too many fonts for your logo, because the eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at once. And when considering a font for your logo, make sure you choose a font that is readable at any size. Sure, you might like a complex font, but if your potential clients can’t read the name of your business or the product you’re providing, they won’t try too hard to figure it out, which makes your logo impossible to remember.

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Iconic Logo Designs Explained | Master The Art Of Logo Design! The ...

Don’t Be Afraid Of Adding A Touch Of Color | Iconic Logo Designs Explained

Colors are an incredibly powerful tool in the world of design – they can be used to make your logo stand out, to help it convey a message and they can be the backbone of an entire brand. However, you need to make sure the colors you choose for your logo actually work well together, because a jumble of mismatched colors will make your logo stand out, but for all the wrong reasons.

There’s another thing you need to keep in mind when designing your logo – it will be used in myriad of ways throughout its life cycle, both online and off. Some of the applications will impose serious restrictions, so your logo will have to be adaptable, whether you’re faxing it in black and white or using it in a single color. And lastly, you’ll want to consider the cost – your logo might look brilliant on your computer screen, but when the time comes to have it printed on a couple of hundreds of business cards, it will considerably affect the price, which will make it far less appealing in your eyes.

Iconic Logo Designs Explained | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Use Vectors | Iconic Logo Designs Explained

Your logo will not only have to be versatile when it comes to color. Another important thing is making sure your logo scales well to any size without affectign the quality. Vectors, unlike the rater graphics, allow you exactly that: while raster graphics become pixelated or blurry at certain sizes, vector logos can scale to any size and still look just as great as the moment you designed it.

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