Iconic Logo Designs | Make Your Logo Unique! Characteristics Of Great Logo Design

Iconic Logo Designs | Make Your Logo Unique! Characteristic

Iconic Logo Designs | Open up your fridge, flip through a newspaper, surf the Web, and there they are – logos! The moment you see them you remember products they represent, commercials, good experiences and possibly bad ones; either way, the key point is you remember them. A logo essentially serves as a graphic representation of your company or organization. Businesses use them on stationery items, printed marketing materials and business cards as a simple visual mark that enables easy recognition of the business.

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Logo design has become quite an art and skill over the years and it takes a lot of practice to master it. It’s not just a beautiful shape printed next to your name. It is an essential element of your brand and often the very first thing a potential client sees. The first step in making a logo is not design; the first step is deciding what you want to convey with it. Below you will find some of the best tips for designing that perfect logo that stands for your business, brand, and beliefs.

Hire A Professional Designer | Iconic Logo Designs

Hiring a designer does require more of an investment, but the end result will be a logo with timeless appeal. If there is a tight budget, a business owner may try to design their own logo, but will not be able to capture the detail that a professional eye can bring to the project. If you decide to cut corners by designing your own logo, or having an “artsy” neighbor do it for you, what does that say about your business? A poorly designed logo can hurt a brand’s image more than you think, which is why hiring a designer is the best practice.

Iconic Logo Designs | Make Your Logo Unique! Characteristic

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Find The Personality Of The Brand | Iconic Logo Designs

Before the design process begins, you must consider your goals and the values you want your logo to communicate. Target demographics, personality and culture are vital factors that affect the brand image. What appeals to an 18-year-old will be very different to what appeals to a senior citizen. If your business offers professional services, such as legal advice or medical treatment, create a logo that conveys the level of professionalism expected by your target audience. Forget about humor or the cute factor for these types of businesses.

Keep It Simple | Iconic Logo Designs

Your logo may look great on your business cards, but does it looks as nice on your social media profile pages and website? A well-designed logo is scalable, easy and affordable to print, memorable and unique. And make sure you end up with a logo that can be reproduced in black and white so that it can be faxed, photocopied or used in black just as effectively as in color. You will be able to focus on the idea by leaving color to the end of the process. No amount of gradient or color can save a badly designed logo.

Work With Vectors | Iconic Logo Designs

Vectors are the secret to a good logo. An effective logo works across a variety of media and applications, which is why logos should be designed using the vector format. Designing your logo in vectors are the best because it can be used and exported into pretty much any other format without affecting the quality, blown up to any size and still not grind your email to a halt. Whether you design your own logo or hire a professional to do it, make sure the design software uses vectors.

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Iconic Logo Designs | Make Your Logo Unique! Characteristic

Don’t Follow Trends | Iconic Logo Designs

Logo design, just like any other area of the design industry, has its own share of trends which keep falling in favor and out of favor over time. When it comes to logo design, it pays to be unique. Why not use a design that you actually thought up yourself rather than ripping off what everyone else in your industry is doing? While it may be helpful to stay up to date on design trends, it’s more vital to stay true to a brand’s overarching personality.

Iconic Logo Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Once You Have Your Logo, Don’t Mess With It | Iconic Logo Designs

Unless you’re Google, you shouldn’t change, update, or tweak your logo design. As your potential clients see your logo more and more, they’ll come to recognize and remember what you do and what your business stands for. Good branding is all about do things consistently, so showcase your logo everywhere. Every piece of paper that leaves your office — from invoices to letters and cocktail napkins – should feature your logo.

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