Killer Web Design Tips | The Best Ways to Improve Your Responsive Web Design

Killer Web Design Tips | The Best Ways to Improve Your Responsive...

Killer Web Design Tips | When looking at the rate at which the mobile web is growing, it’s becoming essential for your website to be ready to accept visitors who are coming in from a widely assorted array of various devices and screen sizes. This emerging trend is nothing to do with fashion or aesthetics; it is rather an effort to solve usability problems that appear due to the different devices used to browse the Internet. Responsive web design is at its best when it’s device adaptive. The purpose is not to aim to design for specific resolutions or sizes, such as for iPhone or iPad sizes only.

You should be trying to design with the content and design in mind and how this content flows and adapts to the various environments it might be seen or used by.

Killer Web Design Tips | Website Design –

1. Distill Your Content | Killer Web Design Tips

If people come to your homepage and have to use navigation to find what they’re looking for, then you have to organize the site differently. Responsive websites can still tailor their content to mobile visitors by tweaking the order of content on the homepage and the navigation. Why do people visit your website? What’s important to those visitors? What’s their usual journey? Without these answers, you’ll be tempted to put everything on your home page. That may be doable on a large screen but you’ll struggle when switching to a mobile layout.

Killer Web Design Tips | The Best Ways to Improve Your Responsive...

2. Design Upwards | Killer Web Design Tips

Once you have a design for the smallest practical screen, you can work your way up. Begin by designing the mobile version of your website in simple blocks on a piece of paper, pointing and outlining the location of each piece of content. Work your way up sequentially in size, designing the tablet resolution, notebook resolution, and then laptop resolution, finalizing with a typical desktop-based website. While there are no precise rules, breakpoint steps should not be large – maybe not more than 200 pixels.

3. The Layout of Your Content | Killer Web Design Tips

If a viewer is browsing your site from a mobile phone, they basically don’t have a lot of screen space to work with. Phones today will typically zoom out by default, so that the entire website can be seen onscreen. For your mobile friendly responsive design site to be able to really shine in a very easy to achieve way, simply bear one thing in mind: some content and content elements were never meant to be used in a mobile context and would never serve a purpose when placed in such an environment. It’s crucial that you understand how your different page elements are used by viewers, because it makes it easier to determine which elements can be removed to improve performance.

4. Pick the Right Hosting | Killer Web Design Tips

A professional web hosting company can offer you many tools that are needed in order to create an engaging and professionally designed web presence that is viewable on hundreds of different devices. Remember, today smart-phone users are surfing the Internet more than desktop users. So be sure that your website is visually appealing on any device. No matter how many changes you make to your website, a lot of the performance comes down to the quality of the servers you are using. It is crucial to invest time in researching web hosting packages to make sure you get the best value for money and can achieve the performance your users demand.

Killer Web Design Tips | The Best Ways to Improve Your Responsive...

Killer Web Design Tips | Website Design –

The Web is no longer simplified. As web-based devices continue to gain popularity, so does the difficulty of providing each device with a good experience. Responsive Web design is a wonderful tool to ensure your website looks good on all devices; however, it’s essential to be strategic about how you’re designing and implementing your responsive strategy.

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