Introducing Our Latest Photography Logo Design: BP Film And Photo

Introducing Our Latest Photography Logo Design: BP Film

We specialize in working with photographers and it’s always a pleasure to work with creative business owners. Our latest photography logo design project was no exception. Not too long ago, we designed a logo for Bethany Petersen, the owner of BP, Film And Photo. Her incredibly creative vision and passion are fresh, unique, and visible from her About page, impeccable images and videos, to her blog, and now, her new logo as well.

Our Latest Photography Logo Design | Website Design –

A logo is often the most visible element of any brand, so it has to appeal to its audience and convey both professionalism and creativity at the same time, whether it’s being used on a website, a business card, or as a watermark. That’s a lot to keep in mind when designing such a small, seemingly simple graphic, so every logo design project demands a different approach in order to create that unique brand experience.

Introducing Our Latest Photography Logo Design: BP Film

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A Logo Is The Face Of The Brand | Our Latest Photography Logo Design

Even from the very first email, it was obvious that working with Bethany was going to be a great experience. She put just as much thought into the logo design as she does with her work. She wanted a logo that would appeal to her target audience – fun, flexible, popular women with a lot of friends looking for a photographer who can deliver candid, emotional and unique photos. She knew what she did and didn’t want when it comes to the design, but during the entire process she was open for suggestions.

The easiest thing to do would be to paste the name of her company next to an icon of a camera and call it a day, but we wanted to convey the essence of the brand in a timeless and unique way. This is why her input was incredibly important. Knowing that she prefers sans serif fonts and names written in all caps, the design process itself was simple and straightforward. In order to give the logo a twist and make it truly stand out, after researching the most appropriate fonts, we decided to play around with the letters “B” and “P” – an idea Bethany liked, as long as it didn’t look cheesy.

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Introducing Our Latest Photography Logo Design: BP Film

Working on this project was a really rewarding experience. We got to work with one of the most creative photographers we know and create a unique, timeless logo that represents the essence of the BP brand.

Our Latest Photography Logo Design | Website Design –

“Thank you thank you thank you! I really appreciate all of your help and your quick replies and editing, and well, everything. I will DEFINITELY be referring your team! I love my new logo and I love that it is completely my own and completely encompasses my brand. I really appreciate all of the time and effort your team has put into this project. Thank you again and again!”

– Bethany Petersen

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