Latest Photography Marketing Advice | Seven Epic Marketing Moves For Photographers On Any Budget

Latest Photography Marketing Advice | Seven Epic Marketing Moves For

Latest Photography Marketing Advice | There will be many challenges and hidden pitfalls on your way from launching a business to the point where you can finally say you’ve made it. Anybody can start a business nowadays – but it’s only the photographers that hit the ground running that launch businesses that not only survive the startup stage, but also thrive for years to come. And you can be one of them!

Latest Photography Marketing Advice | Website Design –

Many amateurs mistakenly believe that raw talent is all they need to join the photography industry and launch a ridiculously successful business. Stunning pictures are essential, don’t get us wrong here, but in order to turn your business idea into a successful enterprise, you’ll need to be just as business savvy. There are countless people out there joining the industry on a daily basis, which means you need a solid plan to stand out. You need a solid marketing plan!

Define Your Target Audience | Latest Photography Marketing Advice

Not only will your target audience affect the equipment you need to get, but it will also determine how you should approach marketing your business. From the tone of your voice, both online and off, to where you promote the services you’re providing, everything will be shaped by your ideal clients. At the end of the day, it’s only logical that you wouldn’t market to new parents the same way you would to owners of stock photography agencies.

Set Up A Website That Showcases Your Strengths | Latest Photography Marketing Advice

Every business, no matter the size, needs a professional-looking website, and photography businesses are no exception. Your website will be the central hub where all of your marketing efforts lead – whether you’re advertising your services in local newspapers or online, the easiest way your potential clients can see what you can do for them is by visiting your portfolio website, so make it count!

Latest Photography Marketing Advice | Seven Epic Marketing Moves For

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Your website doesn’t have to be an intricate platform – quite the opposite, you want to set up a simple website that showcases best examples of your work. If your visitors can’t stop raving about the design of your website, chances are, you have a serious problem on your hands! It’s your work that needs to be center stage, not the design of your website.

Build A Strong Social Presence | Latest Photography Marketing Advice

Social media is no longer used just to connect with your friends and family – today even the biggest brands and international corporations have a solid social strategy, so why should you be an exception? It’s a simple and unobtrusive way to get in front of your potential clients. They know how to use it, and they feel comfortable using it, which means you should find out which networks your target audiences prefer and get on their radar.

Keep in mind, though, that social media is a two-way street. In other words, bombarding your friends, fans, and followers with direct sale messages won’t do you any good. Share interesting content you stumble upon when browsing the Internet, behind-the-scenes tips and tricks and comment, fave, retweet, and you’ll not only build a reputation of a reliable expert, but you’ll be the first photographer that comes to mind the moment your potential clients need the services you’re providing.

Paid Ads Are Still A Viable Option | Latest Photography Marketing Advice

Many business owners gave up on paid advertising a long time ago because it simply wasn’t worth it. However, just because paid ads in print media are no longer as effective as they used to be, that doesn’t mean you should give up on it entirely. If your budget allows, consider investing in paid Facebook ads, or even Google’s pay-per-click ads and see if you get a bump in the number of inquiries.

Set Up A Referral System With Other Vendors | Latest Photography Marketing Advice

Consider approaching other business owners that serve similar clients as you do, but offer non-competing services. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, send a professional shot of the wedding dress to the owner of the bridal boutique and let them know how much you appreciate referrals. You’ll be surprised how loyal business owners can be to each other once they hit it off.

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Latest Photography Marketing Advice | Seven Epic Marketing Moves For

Reward Your Clients As Well | Latest Photography Marketing Advice

Many satisfied clients will refer you to their friends on their own, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer an incentive to those who still haven’t quite done it yet. Offer a reward if they agree to write down a quick testimonial about the experience they had working with you: something that doesn’t cost you too much but has a high perceived value. You can then publish the testimonial on your website and ask them to share it on social media with their friends.

Latest Photography Marketing Advice | Website Design –

We live in an age when customers do their research long before they decide whether to make a purchase or hire someone, and seeing a raving testimonial written by their friend is the perfect reassurance they need to pick up the phone and schedule a session with you.

Master The Art Of Networking | Latest Photography Marketing Advice

No one will represent your business better than you would – which means you need to get out of your pajamas and get out there! Attend networking events, exhibits, and even conferences. Just make sure you always have a stack of professionally designed business cards with you. We meet countless people every week and are often handed generic business cards, so you’ll want to make sure yours stands out from even the largest pile of business cards.

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