Latest Photography Marketing Tips | Master The Art Of Modern Marketing! Vital Tips, Best Practices And Unspoken Rules Every Successful Photographer Lives By!

Latest Photography Marketing Tips | Master The Art Of Modern Marketing

Latest Photography Marketing Tips | Back in the day, starting a photography business was a challenging endeavor not many people dared to embark upon. Today, however, with the professional equipment becoming more affordable and user-friendly than ever before, there’s nothing standing in anyone’s way of buying some equipment, setting up a Facebook page and launching their own business. Still, so much more than just stunning pictures goes into starting and growing a successful business.

Latest Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

It might sound cheesy, but if launching a photography business were easy, everybody would do it, yet we’ve all seen countless amateur photographers fail miserably at turning their passion into a full-time job. That doesn’t mean you have to toss away your dreams of running a photography business, however; it just means you need to work smarter to stand out from the crowd of Instagram-amateurs out there.

Being Prepared Is Half The Battle | Latest Photography Marketing Tips

Sure, you might have a steady flow of clients coming in, but if you’ve been a part of the photography industry for at least a year, you’ll know there are certain times every year when the business spikes up, and you need to be prepared well in advance. For example, many photographers see an increased interest around Christmas, which means successful photographers are already planning their Christmas marketing strategy. By having a plan, you won’t be caught off guard and forced to come up with a strategy while the season is already in full swing.

Latest Photography Marketing Tips | Master The Art Of Modern Marketing

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Set Up An Effective Website For Your Business | Latest Photography Marketing Tips

A recent study shows that customers research the product or the service they need long before they call or schedule a meeting with a photographer, which means they are looking for you online from their desktop computers, tablets and phones. In other words, you need a website that stands out for all the right reasons, and shows your potential clients why they should hire you.

Make sure you showcase only the best examples of your work – at the end of the day, your portfolio is only as strong as your weakest image! Another thing to keep in mind is the overall look and feel – try to keep things simple. If your visitors keep raving about the design of your website, you might have a serious problem on your hands. Remember, you works should be the focal point of your website, not the website itself.

Blogging Is The New Black | Latest Photography Marketing Tips

There’s a good chance you tried running a blog in high-school, but gave up soon after you realized that as fabulous as high-school might be, it’s just too much of a commitment to write on a daily basis. However, now that you’re running a business, it’s a great time to reconsider your decision. Setting up a blog on your website will keep your visitors coming back and it can affect your SEO. Write down 5 topics related to the products and services you’re providing, and make a commitment to post on a regular basis.

To take the whole blogging thing a step further, consider reaching out to influential bloggers in your particular niche and offering to contribute guest posts for them. If you include your information at the end of the article, including your website’s URL, you’ll drive more potential clients your way, and it will also boost your SEO and spread the word about your business.

Rock Your Social Media | Latest Photography Marketing Tips

If you’re still using Facebook just to share funny cat images, then you’re wasting an amazing opportunity to connect and engage with your potential clients. Social media only requires 10-20 minutes a day, and the benefits a strong online presence can bring are endless – from improved search engine ranking and better brand exposure to more clients coming through the door. Figure out where your ideal client spends their time the most and get on their radar!

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Latest Photography Marketing Tips | Master The Art Of Modern Marketing

Referrals Have Never Been More Important | Latest Photography Marketing Tips

We live in the age of social validation – we all read reviews even before watching a TV show, let alone before purchasing a product or hiring someone. The same goes for photography industry as well, so make sure you encourage referrals by offering an incentive. Consider offering a couple of free prints or a discount on the total amount if your clients agree to write a short testimonial for your website and sharing it with their friends on social media. People are far more likely to trust a friend’s recommendation than a sales message on your website.

Latest Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

To take full advantage of referrals, consider approaching other business owners that target similar audience but offer non-competing services. For example, wedding photographers may approach florists, wedding cake decorators and caterers, or even venue owners and offer them a professional shot for their website. You’d be surprised how many of them will send their clients your way, so just make sure you return the favor!

Keep It Consistent | Latest Photography Marketing Tips

We placed this piece of advice at the end because it trickles down into everything you do, whether you’re tweeting or writing a new blog post: keep your marketing consistent across different platforms, both online and offline. Your marketing materials should look, feel and sound like they came from the same source, so use the same tone of voice and consider creating templates so you can focus on your message instead of getting distracted by looking for that color you used in the letterhead a few months ago.

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