Latest Photography Website Trends | The Hottest Design Trends That Will Shape The Internet This Summer

Latest Photography Website Trends | The Hottest Design Trends That ...

Latest Photography Website Trends | Website design is much like fashion – it’s constantly changing and evolving with new trends and innovations coming and going. Every January we sit down and discuss the year we left behind, the new trends that took the industry by storm, as well as the trends on their way out, and we try to put to put together a list of trends we expect to be dominant in the coming 12 months. Every now and then, we take some time to analyze current trends to check if our predictions were right and to ensure the websites we design for our clients are relevant, up to date, and able to give them the extra edge they need to stand out from the crowd.

Latest Photography Website Trends | Website Design –

Standing out from the crowd is vitally important, especially in saturated industries such as the photography industry, and it’s no small feat. There are almost million photography websites out there, after all. However, it’s not just bad news! A large number of websites out there look and feel pretty dated, which will make your job of standing out a lot easier! Whether you’re setting up a website for the very first time, considering a redesign this summer, or you just want to see how your website stacks up, we prepared an updated list of photography website trends bound to make you stand out even in the busiest market.

Take Them For A Spin The Moment They Land On Your Website | Latest Photography Website Trends

One of the biggest trends that show no signs of going away this year are homepage carousels. Even though they are a great tool for photographers trying to showcase their photos without forcing the visitors to click around or scroll into the eternity, they’re being used on many different websites regardless of the industry. This is because they offer an interesting way to clean up the clutter and organize the information into digestible chunks, but also add a dynamic feel to the entire page. However, if you’re considering adding a carousel, keep in mind that the photos you decide to include should be optimized for web, as adding too many large photos might actually take longer to load, which can negatively affect user experience.

Latest Photography Website Trends | The Hottest Design Trends That ...

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Hidden Navigation Is More Common | Latest Photography Website Trends

Hamburger menus are essentially menus hidden behind a single icon, usually three bars stacked on top of each other (which is where the name comes from). They were first introduced on mobile websites to save the valuable screen real estate that’s already pretty limiting, but we’re seeing more of them on desktop websites as well. Internet users have already had plenty of time to get used to new menu, and pretty much everyone can figure out what the three bars represent, whether they see it on a desktop or a mobile website.

This trend is especially interesting for photographers, as it allows you to hide pretty much all the content from the page and showcase only your images, which means your visitors will be less likely to get distracted. However, when considering a hamburger menu, it’s important to keep in mind that in some instances, it can actually have negative effects, as it’s hiding important links and adding an extra click or two between the visitor and the content they’re looking for.

Typography Still Rules The Web | Latest Photography Website Trends

Not so long ago we saw a major shift towards a combination of stunning visual media and interesting fonts. Whether you’re using an image for your background or a video, playing around with typography can be a bold move that grabs the attention of your visitors from the get-go. If you want to give your photos that extra punch, make sure you stick to fonts that complement each other or are different enough to provide interesting contrast. Keep in mind, however, that the fonts you use have to be readable. Sure, complex calligraphic fonts will look interesting, but if they’re difficult to read, they won’t do you any good.

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Latest Photography Website Trends | The Hottest Design Trends That ...

Another Mobile Revolution? Come On! | Latest Photography Website Trends

Pretty much everyone knows by now that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are about to surpass the desktop computer when it comes to accessing the web. Mobile devices have become so important, in fact, that even Google started paying attention to mobile optimization and responsiveness and tweaked the search algorithms to rank responsive websites quite higher than non-responsive websites. However, that’s not all. We’re seeing more devices supporting split-screen view, which means your website can be viewed on a even smaller screen than you’d expect, not to mention the introduction of wearables such as smart watches.

Latest Photography Website Trends | Website Design –

Not All Trends Are Meant To Be Followed | Latest Photography Website Trends

While staying up to date with the latest trends is a good idea, it shouldn’t be mistaken with mindlessly following every trend simply to stay relevant. Whether you implement a trend into your website will mostly depend on your style of photography and the way you want to showcase your work. For example, if you’re mostly into portrait photography, using bold typography on your photos might not be the best idea, as it could end up covering most of a subject’s face, for example. Also, if you’re using a cheaper hosting plan with limited speed, including a slider, no matter how interesting it might look, is probably not the best idea, because no one will sit around waiting for your website to finish loading.

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