Logo Design Color Tips | How to Choose the Best Color Combination for Your Logo

Logo Design Color Tips | How to Choose the Best Color Combination...

Logo Design Color Tips | Your logo is the visual expression that tells every potential customer a thousand words about your business. The key is in evoking the correct and intended message and the right emotions in your targeted customers. Choosing a color palette is one of the most essential parts of any logo design. And understanding the psychology of colors is crucial to designing a strikingly effective logo. Color psychology has been analyzed by psychiatrists for quite a long time so far. One of the first to analyze how colors emotionally affect us was Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who studied the colors in the 20th century. The colors in your logo can act as a powerful psychological trigger that makes customer believe that your services are the best choice for their business.

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The key is using the colors that evoke adequate feelings people desire when seeking out those types of services.

Red | Logo Design Color Tips

Red is the most utilized color in logos as it has such a wide range of different emotions but carries them all intensely. Red can be used to intensify or evoke the passion of whatever niche you’re in. This color is an everlasting call to action. In logo design, you’d do extremely good job if you are to use this color for offering something exciting and something new to your consumers.

Logo Design Color Tips | How to Choose the Best Color Combination...

Blue | Logo Design Color Tips

The color blue provides the person looking at it great reassurance. If you use blue in your logo design, your logo will communicate power and safety. Blue is one of the most commonly used colors in corporate logos. It projects professionalism, serious mindedness, integrity, sincerity and calmness. Blue is also used to imply an authority and success.

Green | Logo Design Color Tips

Green is commonly used when a business wants to to emphasize their natural and ethical principles, especially with such products as organic and vegetarian foods. Many outdoor recreation businesses use green in their logo design to really emphasize the raw, harmonious nature that comes with experiencing their products.

Purple | Logo Design Color Tips

You rarely see too many logos with purple because it tends to evoke very specific feelings that we tend to feel less of than we should. Purple is not the color that will appeal to wide audiences but it still attracts a certain population that is looking to differentiate itself as unique. This color also brings to mind the days of kings and queens, of lords and knights, of princes and princesses. This is the color to use if your target audience is children.

Orange | Logo Design Color Tips

Orange is often seen as the color of innovation and modern way of living. It also carries the essence of youth, fun, affordability and approachability. Logo designers can utilize orange if the brand is targeted towards younger audiences.

Logo Design Color Tips | How to Choose the Best Color Combination...

Yellow | Logo Design Color Tips

Yellows are used for exotic and sunny resort destinations or for energy companies to represent the sun and energy. Much like red, shades of yellow are used to show a business’ knowledge. Yellow finds itself impossible to change its meaning even with darker shades. Even the darkest yellow can only make a viewer think of mild sickness. It’s for this reason it’s considered a simpler, more childish color.

Logo Design Color Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

The color of your main competitor is probably the most important factor that you need to consider. If you’re the first in your industry or market, then you will have the first choices. If you plan to do your own logo design, make sure that you do all the important research of your target audience, so you can adequately plan your logo color scheme.

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