Logo Design Expert Advice | Own Your Logo! How To Create A Logo That Properly Represents Your Photography Business

Logo Design Expert Advice | Own Your Logo! How To Create A Logo ...

Logo Design Expert Advice | Logos are all around us – from the food packaging in our fridges to the clothes we wear. We’re so used to seeing logos that people turned them into games where you need to guess the name of the businesses only by looking at their logos. There’s no denying that we live in a world painted with logos, and with that comes the challenge of standing out. How can you as a business owner make sure your logo stands out and grabs the attention of your potential clients?

Logo Design Expert Advice | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

When designed right, the logo will represent the business and everything it stands for, but it also can help consumers remember the brand and even form an emotional connection with the business – I, for example, could draw you the McDonald’s logo without even looking it up (which probably explains my weight struggles *uncontrollable sobbing*). What many business owners fail to realize, though, is that you don’t need millions of dollars to have a logo that properly represents your business designed. The secret is in some foresight, a pinch of creativity and these elements:

Simplicity Reigns Supreme | Logo Design Expert Advice

Having a simple logo is an absolute must, and for good reason – not only is a simple logo much easier to remember, which is your goal here, after all; it is also a lot easier to use. Think about it, your logo will be used in a myriad of ways, sizes and on different materials. A simple logo will be just as effective when scaled down to the size of a golf ball as it would be when scaled up to the size of a roadside billboard. A complex logo, on the other hand, will turn into an unrecognizable smudge, which beats the entire purpose of having a logo designed.

Logo Design Expert Advice | Own Your Logo! How To Create A Logo ...

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Size Isn’t The Only Thing That Counts | Logo Design Expert Advice

In order to create a logo that’s versatile enough to be used effectively regardless of the application, you’ll need to pay attention to a few other factors. First, you’ll need to make sure your logo doesn’t rely on color to communicate a message. There will be times when you’ll need to use your logo in gray scale, or even in a single color, and you need to find a way to communicate the same message even when the color is removed. This is why we start the process by designing logos in black for our clients, and add color only when we’re satisfied with the overall design of the logo.

Be Careful When Choosing Your Colors | Logo Design Expert Advice

Color is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to design – it can grab the viewer’s attention, communicate a message and evoke an emotional response. Just like a yellow umbrella on a rainy day can cheer you up, so can a carefully designed logo. With a single brush stroke, you can help your logo stand out from the crowd and say a lot about your business. Just be careful – every color has a meaning, so don’t fall into the trap of communicating a wrong message because you didn’t research your colors.

Don’t Follow The Pack | Logo Design Expert Advice

Staying up to date with the latest design trends is a good idea – but staying true to your brand is even more important. Is your brand utility-driven or is it more focused on evoking emotion? Is it classic or quirky? Your job is to come up with a unique logo that represents your business, so take a look what already out there and find an opening for something new. The last thing you want from your logo is to have it mistaken for a logo of a competitor. Don’t follow the pack and do what everyone else is doing in your industry – stand out!

What’s Your Name Again? | Logo Design Expert Advice

What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone for the very first time? You introduce yourself! Your logo should do the same, especially if you’re just starting out! It’s only natural to include the name of your business in your logo when you think about the main purpose of your logo – to represent your business and help potential clients remember it. While there are graphic-only logos out there, such as the Starbucks logo, you need to keep in mind that they only recently dropped the name from their logo, and after millions of dollars invested in branding and marketing. If you’re just starting out, chances are that you can’t afford that kind of branding (just yet!).

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Logo Design Expert Advice | Own Your Logo! How To Create A Logo ...

Branding Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint | Logo Design Expert Advice

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sign up for your local marathon to boost brand exposure (even though it’s not the worst of ideas)! If you’re hoping to build a memorable and recognizable brand, you’ll want to start by actually using your logo when you design it. Every piece of paper that leaves your office should feature your logo, and every picture you publish on your website or social media should have your logo as a watermark.

Logo Design Expert Advice | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – you can also take the colors you used in your logo and use them throughout your materials to create a consistent and cohesive look for your brand. You can also use the fonts from your logo, as well as the graphic in creative ways to turn your brand into a memorable visual experience.

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