Logo Design Font Selection | Selecting the Right Font for your Logo Design

Logo Design Font Selection | Selecting the Right Font for your Logo...

Logo Design Font Selection | More often than not people undervalue the significance of using the right fonts in logo design and irrespective of which way you do it, selecting the right font your business logo, can make or break your design concept. Font choice is an essential aspect of logo design and one that should not be ignored. Before you can even start thinking about selecting a font, you have to identify the message or theme that your brand is trying to get across. What products or services does your business offer? Who is your target audience? How do you want clients to feel when they see your logo? The right font can intensify the strengths of your logo (and your brand), while the wrong font can be a customer buzz-kill. A good logo has to be more than just a pretty image. It must represent the brand as well as deliver the brand’s message, and choosing the right font is only one way of passing on that message.

Logo Design Font Selection | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Know your Brand’s Personality | Logo Design Font Selection

While the context is essential the feeling your business wants to convey is probably more important. What do you really even brand to say about the business? The feeling it conveys is something that font helps to strengthen. You want to find a font which reflects the feelings you want to have related with your brand. If you’re testing out fonts on your computer, try typing in unsystematic letters rather than your business name so you can focus more on the feeling a font gives you and not what the words actually say. Use the right font and instantaneously your audiences know a lot about your business, where if you mix these up you will only confuse your visitors with mixed messages about who you are.

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Logo Design Font Selection | Selecting the Right Font for your Logo...

Be Original | Logo Design Font Selection

In today’s competitive marketing atmosphere you don’t want your brand to be just another poppy in the field. So think beyond what’s typical. With the number of font sites available, there’s little excuse not to explore. Dare to step outside the box and look for something more unique to represent your business. If you bond your business image to a font or style the gets over-used, your brand will look cheap and dated in no time. It can be tough to pass up something you are acquainted with, but a font which is too familiar will end up hurting you. Your brand will blend into the vast ocean of competition, and that’s not what you want.

Legibility | Logo Design Font Selection

Legibility refers to the design of the font, as in the width of the strokes, whether or not it has serifs, an occurrence of novel type design elements etc. It is easy to tell one letterform from another in a legible font. While making a text readable is doable, making every font legible is unmanageable, because not all fonts are designed to be legible. There are a few factors that affect a typeface’s legibility like weight, character shapes, size of counters, stroke contrast and character width.

Combining Different Fonts | Logo Design Font Selection

You’ll notice that most big brands stick to one font. This allows a strong single message to be directed to the customer. Mixing fonts inside any design can be an unsafe idea. If the fonts are too similar then the viewer will feel confused, but if the fonts are too different then it will make viewer feel multiple emotions that fight against one another. One very easy way to combine several fonts from several typefaces is to design a role-based arrangement for each font or typeface, and stick to it. If you decide to use similar fonts, make sure you distinguish their characteristics; this will help identity the two fonts’ individual purpose.

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Logo Design Font Selection | Selecting the Right Font for your Logo...

Logo Design Font Selection | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Versatility | Logo Design Font Selection

Before going too far with your logo design, make sure you consider all of the diverse channels it will be printed and posted on. An effective logo works across a variety of media and applications. As the main section of a business’s corporate identity, the logo acts as the cornerstone of their visual brand. This means it must be reproducible using a huge variety of formats and processes while preserving the integrity of the logo as it is utilized. Logos may be printed on anything like small business cards and pens to tremendously large billboards and signage.
Choosing fonts is not very easy to do and you should have a pretty good idea of what they really mean. Without further knowledge of the subject, this might be a difficult task as most typefaces look similar.

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