Logo Design Fonts | How to Choose the Best Typeface for Your Logo Design

Logo Design Fonts | How to Choose the Best Typeface for Your Logo...

Logo Design Fonts | Your choice of fonts plays a crucial role in your brand’s logo design and overall brand identity, especially in word mark logo design, where the font is your logo. The font you select will establish a tone on your logo. Just like you have to consider your options when choosing the colors for your logo, you must also think over your font selection. Choosing the right font for your logo design is the most important part of the graphic design process. There are literally millions of fonts available to you. There are so many pretty fonts out there, each with personalities of their own. There are no ideal rules that will help you choose your font.

But there are tips that can help you choose what is best for your logo. We will assist you in simplifying the process and go thru the vast world of typography.

Logo Design Fonts | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

1. Consider Your Branding | Logo Design Fonts

Branding should be your number one priority. The right font will make your logo recognizable and memorable; therefore amplifying your brand recognition. What products or services does your business provide? Who is your target audience? How do you want clients to feel when they see your logo? Is your brand strictly professional? Or are you a more playful brand? Determine five words that describe your brand. You’ll be looking for fonts that communicate the personality of your brand or product.

Logo Design Fonts | How to Choose the Best Typeface for Your Logo...

2. Establish a Mood | Logo Design Fonts

This is all about matching the mood of the typeface to the brand. Is it fun? Casual? Serious? Fresh? Old-fashioned? Choose a font that captures that feeling. More engaging font choices often work best when utilized sparingly and when they can stand on their own. Use a funkier font for items that will be used as artistic elements or that do not depent on readability. Old style, cursive, script and display fonts can quickly establish a mood and work best when used at large sizes. Beautiful fonts — such as those with even cap spacing, symmetry, and rounded qualities — can put viewers in good moods while fonts perceived as displeasing can do the opposite.

3. Stylize Your Font | Logo Design Fonts

It takes a true designer to incorporate a stylized type treatment. Don’t simply pick your font, add color, and start applying it on promotional materials. The most important thing is to make both font and logo similar in style and appropriate to the meaning. But you can truly make a font – and your logo – your own by adding specific stylistic segments like drop shadows, strokes, beveling, and gradients.

4. Keep it Simple | Logo Design Fonts

Using complex fonts can pose problems when printing in different sizes and materials. You should try out your design in all sizes. Apply it on a business card or blow it up to a billboard size. The classical type of font selection is based on serif font or sans serif font. Serif fonts are those, which have the small nooks and hooks around the letters, and the sans serif are the one which do not have those. While both of them have their look and feel, it’s an individual pick in the end.

Logo Design Fonts | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Logo Design Fonts | How to Choose the Best Typeface for Your Logo...

5. Be Readable | Logo Design Fonts

Some fonts are easier to read in certain situations than others. For example, a billboard or other outdoor signage set in script will be nearly impossible, not to mention irritating to read while driving. In this instance, a bold, clean font would greatly improve readability. Choosing a font that stands out can be a very difficult task but it’s crucial that your font is recognizable, clear and demands attention.

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