Logo Design Guidelines | Vital Tips for Successful Business Logo Design

Logo Design Guidelines | Vital Tips for Successful Business Logo...

Logo Design Guidelines | Your logo is an immense part of your brand. We talk about things like your voice, your assignment, etc. that’s also a fragment of your brand, but your logo is plainly your mark. Brands invest in their logos because it has such a huge impact on how people distinguish their brand. Designing a new logo can be a mystifying process for business owners. There are many options to consider – colors, font selection, images, size, shape and etc., so when business owners are in the market to have a new logo developed; they are easily tempted to take some short cuts in order to save time and money. The truth is, most of these shortcut solutions will turn out to be neither economical nor fast, and may cause a ton of headaches down the road. Designing logos is just like any other type of design work; to be proficient you’ll need to pay attention to details.

Logo Design Guidelines | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Font Types | Logo Design Guidelines

There are many wonderful fonts out there and we would all love to use as many as we can. Unfortunately using too many fonts will most of the time result in a loss of consistency. Also, choosing the right font is very important as font can change the impression that your logo gives. Mixing font types inside a logo design can be a risky idea. If the fonts are too similar then the observer will feel confused, but if the fonts are too different then it will make observer feel multiple emotions that fight against one another.

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Logo Design Guidelines | Vital Tips for Successful Business Logo...

Your Tone | Logo Design Guidelines

Look at the logos of the brands that are aligned with what your business is about. Take fashion magazine logos for example. They all look similar; all caps letters and serif fonts. Newspapers incline to use black-letter type like the New York Times. These are all carrying subliminal messages that the brands belong to a certain niche and have certain values. The tone of your logo is influenced by more than just your font choices. Your logo needs to evoke the same feelings that you want associated with your business.

Clarity | Logo Design Guidelines

Ask yourself what your company logo speaks about your business. Does it accentuate power, tradition, rapidity, health, fun, or connectivity? Usually the text gives away your company’s industry, but whatever graphic you use also helps expose what you actually do. Incorporating the graphic into the question of ‘what does my business trade’ will be easier for those companies that actually sell a physical product.

Color Scheme | Logo Design Guidelines

One of the most significant considerations for logo design is the color palette. This is not a superficial decision; color carries meanings and transfers ideas. Remember, color is necessary for conveying the message and grabbing the attention, but it has to come in the end of a design process. If you color the drawing from the foundation, you will not be able to focus on the idea alone.

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Logo Design Guidelines | Vital Tips for Successful Business Logo...

Logo Design Guidelines | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Simplicity | Logo Design Guidelines

If you’re looking to capture the attention of potential clients and remind current ones of your reach, a busy or chaotic logo isn’t going to do your business any favors. Some of the most popular logos have been the simplest. You might think every important detail about a company needs to be visible in the logo, but the most effective logos are ones with a simple idea at their core.

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