Logo Design Pro Tips | Four Key Elements for Reaching Your Target Audience

Logo Design Pro Tips | Four Key Elements for Reaching Your...

Logo Design Pro Tips | There are three reactions to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. Good logo designs generate lasting impressions, and lasting impressions create an emotional connection to your brand within the mind of those who view it. A great logo can covey everything a company represents in the most simple and effective terms, creating an instant emotional connection with potential clients and strengthening the relationship with loyal clients. Poorly designed logos, however, can sink a business that is otherwise doing everything right.

Logo Design Pro Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Every small business owner has a picture in their own head of what their company stands for, but how does one commit this picture to paper? To achieve that wow factor, a logo must be many things: timeless and memorable, simple and versatile. It needs to work with many audiences and clearly communicate the brand message. Getting the balance right will be a little easier once you’ve learn some of the principals of effective logo design.

Distinctive | Logo Design Pro Tips

The logo is one of the most important aspects of a company’s brand, and its shapes, colors, fonts, and images usually are strikingly different from the other logos in the same industry. Logos are used to identify. A distinctive logo will be effective because it stirs visual memory. Distinct, yet simplistic. Less is always more; a logo shouldn’t have too many focal points. Simplicity makes a logo design easily recognizable, versatile and memorable. Good logos always have something unexpected or unique, without being overdrawn.

Logo Design Pro Tips | Four Key Elements for Reaching Your...

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Adaptive | Logo Design Pro Tips

You can be as creative as you want to be in your construction, but if it does not scale well, it is over. A great logo will be re-sizable with ease, all the while keeping its recognizable form and expressive imagery. Another thing to remember when designing a logo, is that no matter how you design and present it, you will not always be in control of how the logo is displayed once it is out of your hands. Make sure that the logo you design always shines in both form and function regardless of how it is rendered. Be it in full color, gray-scale or even in pure black and white.

This means that you will have to remain creative and yet keep things simple enough for the logo’s idea to transfer despite any less than flattering displays it may find itself in. One of the best logo design pro tips is to begin designing in black and white. This allows you to focus on the concept and shape, rather than color, which is subjective in nature.

Meaningful | Logo Design Pro Tips

As with any business endeavor, understanding your audience is key. Whatever your industry, your logo needs to be able to connect with the people you are marketing to. If you run a children’s toy store, it’s not crucial to have an image of a toy in your logo, or to have the word ‘toys’ in there either. What is more important is to use a color scheme, or font that is childlike and appeals to kids. This, however, would not be so appropriate for a law firm. A great logo designer will usually incorporate some type of meaning within a logo creation. If you take a closer look at the FedEx logo the white space between the “E” and “x” exposes a right-facing arrow. Forward and subliminal in it’s delivery. Simple and brilliant.

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Logo Design Pro Tips | Four Key Elements for Reaching Your...

Professional | Logo Design Pro Tips

It is usually easy to see that a logo has been created by a professional. Professionals will allocate a fair amount of time to market research, this includes analyzing color schematics within an industry and a focus on industry trends. Most of all a professional logo design will not contain any faults that will become obvious down the road. An effective logo should be timeless. Will yours stand the test of time? Will it still be effective in 10, 20 or 50 years?

Logo Design Pro Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

If you have absolutely no idea what you want for your logo (but you do have a pretty good grasp on your business and what makes it different from others), it may be worth investing in a relationship with someone who can help create a professional logo design. Designers are creative and are at their best when challenged to come up with new ideas. However, if you choose to hire a logo designer, don’t do it on the cheap. $5 will not buy you a great logo or a good experience with a professional logo designer.

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