Logo Trends | Future-Proof Your Brand: 6 Logo Design Trends You Can Expect To See In 2016!

Logo Trends | Future-Proof Your Brand: 6 Logo Design Trends You Can...

Logo Trends | Just like any other niche of the design industry, logo design keeps changing and evolving with new trends coming and going. And while there are certain timeless best practices you should stick to when it comes to designing a logo, there are trends emerging (and reemerging) each year you should keep in mind if you’re hoping to create an up-to-date logo that stands out and grabs the attention of your potential clients.

Logo Trends | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your logo appeals to your target audience. A logo that appeals to high-school seniors will not be as appealing to entrepreneurs. In addition to creating a logo that appeals to your ideal client, you also need to make sure it’s current. After all, the last things you want is a logo that looks like it was designed in 1990s. So what will logo design be like in coming months, or in the near future? Here are six logo design trends that are bound to reign in 2016.

Pay Attention To The Negative Space | Logo Trends

As simple and minimalist logos keep dominating the world of logo design, the negative space trend will rise as well. You’ve heard the time-old saying that less is more, which means that adding embellishments to logos isn’t always a good idea – instead of making the design more complex, the use of negative space can result in a more coherent and interesting logo. This goes especially for black and white logos – spicing them up with a negative space design can help them stand out from the crowd right away!

Typography Makes A Comeback | Logo Trends

Typography has been neglected for far too long, but all is well now. 2015 was the year of stunning typography – it made a comeback first in print, and it made a transition to web design, turning homepages into breathtaking combinations of photography and typography all over the place. It’s no wonder that it started influencing logo design as well – we’ve seen many brands simplify their logos to just their name, but scripted in a creative, unique and memorable way!

Logo Trends | Future-Proof Your Brand: 6 Logo Design Trends You Can...

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In order to improve your chance of standing out, you’ll want to consider creating a custom font just for your brand. From the iconic Coca-Cola typeface to the most recent example when Google changed their logo and used a custom font called “Product Sans,” custom fonts have been one of the most effective ways of standing out. One thing you’ll need to keep in mind, though – the fonts you design for your logo need to be readable in any size and on any material. After all, your logo represents your business, and unless your potential clients can read the name of your company, it will be pretty much useless.

Color Makes A Big Splash In 2016 | Logo Trends

Single-color logos are giving way for more eye-catching alternatives – in 2016, we will see more and more colorful logos, whether it’s adding a dash of color to the existing white or gray logos, or adding a gradient, which can turn your logo in a simple, sophisticated and modern representation of your business. However, there’s a catch here as well! You’ll need to make sure you’re not using more than 2-3 colors for your logo, because using any more might make it cluttered. You’ll also want to make sure the colors you choose for your logo look great together – mashing colors will make it stand out, but it might be for all the wrong reasons.

Handmade Is The New Black | Logo Trends

The trend for logos that look “hand-made” will blossom in 2016. While you want to portray a professional image of your business and the services or the products you’re providing, there’s actually a reason why many business owners already switched to the hand-made look. Today’s average consumer is leaning more towards local small businesses and avoiding large faceless corporations, and a hand-made logo will act as a relatable and appealing face of your business your target audience will remember (and fall in love with) a lot easier.

Vintage Is In | Logo Trends

There’s another trick if you’re trying to boost your image of an experienced and trust-worthy expert in your niche – you can go for a vintage look. Vintage logos are charming, simple and one-dimensional, essentially standing for values like tradition, quality and trust, traits every business owner will be happy to have associated with their business.

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Logo Trends | Future-Proof Your Brand: 6 Logo Design Trends You Can...

Versatility Is No Longer Optional | Logo Trends

We live in a digital age, and you can’t afford to ignore your online presence if you’re hoping to get the most out of your marketing efforts. This, in turn, means your logo needs to be adaptable to pretty much any material and application – whether it’s online or off, in full color or in gray-scale, which is why it’s a good idea to design your logo in black first and add the color once you have the basic design ready. You’ll be able to not only tweak the color to match every marketing material, but you’ll also be able to use it just as effectively even when the color is removed – whether you’re faxing a contract to a client or using your logo as a watermark.

Logo Trends | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

There you have it, our predictions for 2016. However, keep in mind that these trends are more like the sprinkles you put on top of an ice cream sundae – your job is to know your ideal client, come up with the logo that appeals to them, perfectly represents your business, as well as the services you’re providing and the overall nature of your brand.

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