Marketing Collateral Design Advice | Stop Knocking On Client’s Doors, And Get Them To Call You Instead! Secrets Of Creating Effective Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral Design Advice | Stop Knocking On Client

Marketing Collateral Design Advice | Your potential clients don’t know what you can do for them unless you tell them, which is why you should communicate your company’s unique selling points with well-designed marketing and advertising materials, from your business cards, brochures and other print collateral. Often, many business owners turn away from printing in favor of anything digital. However, print still plays a vital role in the world of marketing. Being one of the most efficient marketing tools, this method has the deepest penetration into the target market in terms of reaching your potential clients.

Marketing Collateral Design Advice | Website Design –

In today’s global marketplace it has become more and more important for small businesses to present a professional appearance to stay relevant. Just like your business must stay competitive, your marketing materials have to convey relevance, if not vitality. The fact is, marketing collateral that feels tired and outdated gives the impression that your business is falling behind its competitors as well. Whether you want to design a brochure that actually boosts sales, or a product sheet that succinctly and quickly explains what you are all about, these tips will help you get started.

Keep It Simple | Marketing Collateral Design Advice

Marketing collateral items often require you to communicate tons of information on a limited space. Add to that a client who won’t give the ad much of his or her time, and it becomes obvious why the design of your marketing collateral is vitally important for growing your business. The right elements such as imagery and text can only go so far – you have to also try and arrange them in the best way possible. The goal is to guide readers from one call-to-action to the next until they make the decision to buy what you’re selling. This is why you have to keep your marketing collateral appealing, relevant, simple, and above all, reader friendly.

Marketing Collateral Design Advice | Stop Knocking On Client

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Paper Quality Is Vital | Marketing Collateral Design Advice

The very first impression you make isn’t going to be through your logo, color scheme, or even design. It will be the feel of the paper as the potential client is removing your letter from its envelope, or your business card from their wallet. You want your business to appear professional and reputable, which means that you have to use the highest quality paper and printing that is economically feasible. A paper with a rich appearance and feel adds greatly to the ambiance of your marketing materials, and a potential client will definitely notice the difference between a thick high-quality paper stock and the photocopier paper you’ve got lying around your office.

Find The Right Colors | Marketing Collateral Design Advice

Your marketing collateral items should include color to make it stand out. Use pleasant and appealing color scheme, but also, make sure you pick colors that convey the nature of your brand, or colors that generate a specific emotional response. Color can be an incredibly effective tool that can make or break your marketing collateral – but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Stick to a maximum of 3-4 colors, and use colors from your logo for other background elements and fonts, to maintain consistency with your other branded materials.

Make Sure It’s Readable | Marketing Collateral Design Advice

Selecting fonts and font colors that are easy to read is a necessity. Text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Don’t use overly complex or unusual fonts for your and your company’s name and contact details, unless it’s right for your brand image. Use easy-to-read but not too generic fonts (such as Courier). Also, try not to use more than two or three different fonts. Too many fonts tend to confuse and distract the reader’s eye rather than focus it.

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Marketing Collateral Design Advice | Stop Knocking On Client

Make It Easy To Access And Share | Marketing Collateral Design Advice

It’s a social world, as you may have heard, so all your content and marketing materials should be simple to access and share. In a click, a reader should be able to share your collateral with the masses. Things like web addresses and QR codes printed on physical media can help potential clients access your business’s digital side, which in turn gives another opportunity for them to find out more about you and do business with you. Referrals, social media promotion and anything else that you can think of to make your audience promote your business for you will expand your marketing efforts. You’ll reach a much wider audience than you could ever before, which translates for more sales opportunities.

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Use Quality Imagery | Marketing Collateral Design Advice

You’ve heard the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words” a million times. Try to spend a few hours at the white board brainstorming different ways to illustrate your most important messages and solutions graphically. Good images to choose include a professional image of your products, the building your company is located in, or something closely related to your logo and brand message. Using clip art is a bad idea, as it makes your stationery look generic. Choose the graphic element that best communicates the essence of what you’re trying to sell, and what you’re attempting to accomplish with the printed piece you’re creating.

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