Marketing Collateral Design Hacks | The Photographer’s Guide To More Effective Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral Design Hacks | The Photographer's Guide To More ...

Marketing Collateral Design Hacks | What a time to be alive! There’s no denying we live in a digital era. Not only are your friends and family just a few clicks of the mouse away, but so are your potential and existing clients. In time when a prospect is just an email or a tweet away, it’s no surprise that many business owners think that printed marketing collateral is just a relic from a long gone era. However, there are still some pretty major benefits, and if you’re serious about your photography business, you’ll definitely want to consider investing in custom collateral.

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Having custom marketing collateral is an instant way of standing out in a saturated market. Let’s face it – pretty much everyone with some extra cash can purchase some equipment, set up a Facebook page, and start charging for their services. Needless to say, this makes standing out quite a challenge. However, custom marketing collateral can help you differentiate yourself from all the other photographers in your area, reinforce your brand identity, and even leave an impression of a reliable industry leader. Sounds like a lot to ask from your collateral, but it can be done! Here’s how.

Reinforce Your Visual Identity | Marketing Collateral Design Hacks

Business collateral is used to deliver information – whether it’s your contact details or a letter. However, when done right, marketing collateral can do much more than simply deliver the content. It can boost brand visibility and help potential clients remember who you are and what it is that you can do for them a lot easier. However, in order to achieve that, you’ll need to ensure consistency. Throwing together a pile of random marketing items won’t do you any good if you’re hoping to raise brand awareness, so we advise all our clients to put together branding guidelines first.

Marketing Collateral Design Hacks | The Photographer's Guide To More ...

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Whenever we design a logo for a client, we put together a short document and define the exact colors we used in their logo. This way, they can use the color scheme from their logo as the starting point and either build on it and create their brand’s color scheme, or use it as is. We also list all the fonts we used, as well as the style of graphics. By using the same color scheme throughout their materials, as well as the same fonts, you can tie them all together. The goal is to make sure all of your items look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source.

Keep Things Simple | Marketing Collateral Design Hacks

Chances are, your marketing collateral is going to end up in a pile in a potential client’s desk drawer, so it’s only natural you want it to stand out. However, keep in mind that your collateral should have a simple layout without any unnecessary clutter. Sure, adding random design elements and special effects will definitely make your marketing collateral stand out, but it might be for all the wrong reasons. Remember, the main purpose of marketing collateral is to deliver your content, so make sure the content is front and center, where it belongs.

Using plenty of white space will help your content stand out and grab the attention of your potential clients. Remember, the more important a piece of information is, the more white space it needs around it to stand out. White space can also be used to break down large chunks of information into more digestible bites, structure the content, and guide the attention of the reader. In addition to including plenty of white space, you’ll also want to limit the number of colors you use to 3-4 max. Any more, and you risk overwhelming your readers or detracting from the impact of your message.

Ensure Readability | Marketing Collateral Design Hacks

Since the purpose of marketing collateral is to deliver a message, and even get the reader to do something, you need to ensure it’s actually readable. Having a pretty design won’t do you much good if your potential clients can’t read the content. This is why we advise our clients to use fonts that are easy to read. For example, a complex calligraphic font might be beautiful, but if it’s difficult to read, it doesn’t belong on your marketing collateral. Instead, stick with fonts that are easy to read, so your potential clients can find the information they’re looking for at a single glance.

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Marketing Collateral Design Hacks | The Photographer's Guide To More ...

In addition to using simpler fonts that are easy on the eye, you’ll also need to limit the number of the fonts you use. The human eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at the same time, so limit your selection to 2-3 fonts max. If you need to differentiate pieces of information, consider playing with font weight, for example, or using a slightly different font from the same font family, instead of going with a completely different font.

Marketing Collateral Design Hacks | Website Design –

Invest In Quality | Marketing Collateral Design Hacks

You’d be amazed just how many photographers come up with a great design for their marketing collateral, only to ruin any chance of success by using the cheapest paper when printing their materials. Thicker paper will feel more luxurious, and will leave your potential clients with an impression they’re doing business with someone who’s successful and who cares about the quality. Think about it – what will a business card that gets torn or dented easily, for example, tell your potential clients about the quality of your products and services?

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