Marketing Collateral Made Simple | Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, And Crush Your Competition With Your Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral Made Simple | Boost Sales, Maximize ...

Marketing Collateral Made Simple | Branding a small business is a coordinated effort to communicate your brand’s values through every level of your business, from the office to the products that are sold and through the services that are offered. It’s no surprise that it also covers your printed marketing collateral used to drum up clients. Having a great website is important, but do you have marketing collateral to match it? Marketing collateral should inform clients about your products, services and the goals that your business has, and build a unique and memorable brand at the same time.

Marketing Collateral Made Simple | Website Design –

Marketing collateral is usually the first impression that potential clients have with a brand, so leaving the best impression possible is absolutely vital. Businesses will often be judged based on the relevancy, consistency and overall quality of the materials that they send out to potential clients and business partners. Whether you have already built an effective brand and are simply looking to have some marketing collateral designed, or you are building your brand from scratch, you can use these tips to improve the way you use your marketing collateral.

Make Collateral A Part Of Your Overall Content Strategy | Marketing Collateral Made Simple

It’s vitally important to make sure your marketing collateral matches other marketing materials you’re using in the early stages of the buying cycle. That means every product you release, advertising campaigns you launch, your business cards and website, and every interaction with your potential clients should reinforce or complement your brand’s core message. You already know you’re going to need business cards, brochures, maybe even booklets and signs. Working out the designs together, instead of working on them one at a time, can have an incredibly positive effect on consistency and brand recognizability.

Marketing Collateral Made Simple | Boost Sales, Maximize ...

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Create A Style Guide | Marketing Collateral Made Simple

A style guide is a great way of sorting out the different elements that make up your collateral. It enables you to outline your theme elements, which includes your logo and any brand graphics, front selection, slogan, and brand-oriented words. Using the same layouts and templates can go a long way in building brand consistency, especially in first-time clients. All your printed and digital materials should look, sound, and feel like they came from the same source, and style guide will help you achieve that.

Use Quality Base Materials | Marketing Collateral Made Simple

The stock of paper you use, how quickly your website loads and even the quality of your recorded video all affect how well your potential clients respond to your marketing efforts. A paper with a rich appearance and feel adds greatly to the ambiance of your finished piece. You want your company to come off professional and trust-worthy, which means you have to use the best quality paper and printing your budget allows.

Keep It Simple | Marketing Collateral Made Simple

People are scanners. It’s crucial to be able to hook them into your content with effective design. This means high-impact graphics, immersive headlines, bulletined text and well-structured paragraphs. A common mistake is to clutter every available space with something and end up with text that runs from gutter to gutter, pictures that fill all the available space and design elements and icons squeezed into wherever is left over. Instead, you should feature the most significant information boldly in order to make an instant impact on the reader. Write an eye-stopping headline and brief, easy to read text. Simplify the design, eliminate the jargon and establish clear takeaways.

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Marketing Collateral Made Simple | Boost Sales, Maximize ...

Make It Easy To Access And Share | Marketing Collateral Made Simple

Referrals, social media marketing and anything else that you can think of to get your audience into promoting your business for you will expand your marketing efforts. It’s a social world, as you may have heard. In a click, a client should be able to email your brochure to a colleague or tweet it out to the masses. Businesses tend to forget that it can be a good idea to blur the line between physical and digital marketing collateral. Things like web addresses and QR codes printed on physical media can help potential clients access your business’s digital side, which in turn gives another chance for them to find more about you and do business with you.

Marketing Collateral Made Simple | Website Design –

Find The Right Fonts | Marketing Collateral Made Simple

Use a font that best expresses the tone and nature of your business and your marketing collateral. For example, if you’re sending out a brochure to announce a big sale, use a font that’s big, bold, and direct. Resist the urge to use too many different fonts and colors just because you can. Stick to two-three fonts or even just one font at a few different weights to achieve a more professional look. Also, where possible, avoid underlines, bars, outlines, stars, borders, and any other visual distractions. These cutesy elements only add clutter and distract your potential clients from your message.

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