Marketing Small Business | Checklist for Marketing Success: Are These Crucial Steps Missing From Your Marketing Plan?

Marketing Small Business | Checklist for Marketing Success: ...

Marketing Small Business | When you’re running a small business, resources are tight, and your budget is almost non-existent. But that doesn’t change the fact that you have to market your company in order to get your message and product in front of your target audience. It doesn’t matter how amazing the product or service you are offering is, if nobody knows about it. If you want to avoid wasting stacks of money and missing most of sales opportunities, throw your old marketing guides in the trash can! You must know what works today, when even the smallest business can market itself to millions of people online, and email a million potential clients in a few hours for a few pennies.

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Marketing for small businesses is exactly like marketing for big companies. The only difference is the number of zeros in the marketing budget. Fortunately, technology has evolved in a way that makes it easier for small business owners to compete with large companies while spending only a fraction of the cost. The following small business marketing ideas can be used to compete with the major players in your industry, and expose your brand to more potential clients.

Social Media Marketing | Marketing Small Business

If your small business isn’t using social media, it’s time to start. In its most basic form, social media marketing costs are limited to the time invested in this medium. Social media marketing is about reaching clients where they spend a lot of their time: online. Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, or direct mail. It’s all about starting conversations that help you market your brand, product or service, and keeping them going. It’s about building relationships, and a solid reputation.

Marketing Small Business | Checklist for Marketing Success: ...

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Email Marketing | Marketing Small Business

Some small business owners shy away from email marketing because of their personal aversion to sales emails. It’s a shame for them, though, because email marketing is still one of the most effective and affordable ways of marketing for small businesses today. If you want to stay in relationship with your existing clients, there is nothing easier than creating a weekly e-mail that provides something of value.

We strongly recommend that you build your own email database, rather than buy one from one of those companies that sell email lists. The best way to start building your subscriber list is to ask all your existing clients and contacts if you can have their email address. You also need to have an email sign-up box on your website or blog. This needs to be easy to read, and positioned in a clear area of your website, so everyone will see it.

Don’t Neglect Your Website | Marketing Small Business

Almost everyone now uses the Internet to ‘check out’ a potential service provider. Before deciding whether to do business with a business or not, the vast majority of people will look for the company’s website! Your website is your shop window, so think about what it shows to your potential clients. You should constantly be asking yourself if you have the best shop on the high street.

Content Marketing | Marketing Small Business

if you send out a newsletter, keep in mind that the people that are interested in what you offered will most likely visit your website before deciding whether to contact you, or not. This means the quality and content of your website has to encourage people to trust you, and see you in a professional light. With so many businesses competing for attention, you have to provide value to your target audience in order to catch their attention. Content marketing is one way to provide value, and it is done by creating and distributing content related to your brand, product, or industry.

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Marketing Small Business | Checklist for Marketing Success: ...

Search Marketing | Marketing Small Business

The Big G and other major search engines can be marketing gold for small businesses, but it can also be a challenge to compete with the major players out there. You may pay for ads to get your business listed on the first page of search results for your desired keywords, but if someone with bigger pockets is vying for the same spot, you’re going to end up paying a great deal.

Marketing Small Business | Website Design –

Optimize your website for search engines, instead. SEO is a very important part of your online marketing strategy. If you want to attract more quality leads to your website and build a strong, prosperous, interesting online presence, this should be high on your priority list.

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