Memorable Brand Identity | Crucial Tips to Make Your Brand Memorable

Memorable Brand Identity | Crucial Tips to Make Your Brand...

Memorable Brand Identity | If you’re just starting with your own small business, the idea of building a brand for it may seem daunting. You might think that with everything else you have on your plate, branding your business is too much to take on at this stage. Crafting a memorable brand identity is entirely possible with lots of research and consideration for today’s technology availability. A brand does not consist of just the colors, logo and strap line you decide to use. A brand is also the feeling you want to project when people think of your business. Your brand is your promise to your potential customers. When customers think of your brand you need to project a feeling of confidence and quality in their minds.

When customers are looking for the products and services you are providing, do they think of your business? When they think of your company, do they know who you are or what you do better than somebody else? If the answer to these questions is “no”, you need to concentrate on branding.

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The Promise | Memorable Brand Identity

This must be based upon something real in your business, something that has a strong value and that you hold dear and are willing to hang your hat on. A brand promise is the commitment to deliver made between that brand and its audience. It’s made, of course, in order to encourage that audience to make a purchase. The questions a small business must ask to create a brand promise sound short and sweet, but effectively answering them requires intense and lengthy discussion about what the business means on the deepest level: how it does what it does, what the feel of working with the company is, and what kind of character the company has. Brands that continuously keep their promise in every aspect of their business – from their advertising to their employee relations and everything in between – can be very powerful.

Memorable Brand Identity | Crucial Tips to Make Your Brand...

Know Your Customer | Memorable Brand Identity

So many companies do not succeed because they don’t do their homework. How well do you know your customers? Do you know them the way they know your business or brand? In today’s business economy, sales don’t arrive as easy as they used to. We deal with a much more educated consumer that wants to become familiar with your services as well as your competitors before making a purchase. You can’t stop with knowing yourself because self-identification means nothing if you don’t possess a clear picture of your target audience – your ideal customer. Knowing the customers you will most likely attract as a company will help you better choose aspects of your brand design that customers will relate to and remember.

Create a Brand Story | Memorable Brand Identity

A story attracts customers, and appeals to their emotions. If you can get them to feel an emotion that they relate to your business, then they will definitely remember you. Every business has its own story, and their products and services do so too. Make sure you have these stories in mind when building your brand. People know where you come from and how you have made it this far. Telling your story will help you make a connection with your consumers on a deeper level.

Memorable Brand Identity | Crucial Tips to Make Your Brand...

Memorable Brand Identity | Website Design –

The basic truth is that your brand will endure far longer if you can get away from the purely rational side of people’s brains and find your way into the emotional side. Try to enhance the emotional appeal of your brand with every marketing campaign you create. A well-managed brand creates a strong emotional connection, and a strong emotional connection fosters loyal client behavior.

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