Memorable Brands | Be Unforgettable! Build A Memorable Brand Even When You’re Busy

Memorable Brands | Be Unforgettable! Build A Memorable...

Memorable Brands | More than 90 percent of small businesses in the U.S. have created some type of social media page. Social media can be an amazing tool to boost your online presence, but as more brands jump on the social media bandwagon, marketing clutter can make it hard to compete. With competition on the rise, making your brand stand out on social media platforms is more important than ever. With so many companies active on the web, how do you differentiate your brand from your competitors?

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Branding is one of the most difficult aspects of marketing, but it’s also one that many businesses brush off as simple or natural. There’s nothing simple about building memorable brands – doing so requires a blend of analysis, creativity, and hard work. Here are some tips to help you create memorable brand experiences.

Know your client | Memorable Brands

So many businesses strike out, because they don’t do their homework. You can’t possibly create a memorable experience for your client if you don’t know who they are. You must know who your target audience is, who you are and how you can help them solve their problems. It’s only after you have this fundamental knowledge that you can plan your social strategy.

All of your marketing materials, from your display advertisements to your emails, should target your ideal client. Know your target market and don’t think about pleasing anyone other than the people you know will love your products or services.

Memorable Brands | Be Unforgettable! Build A Memorable...

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Make your brand interesting | Memorable Brands

A cool logo and tagline are great… but then what? Don’t forget your clients are human. They like to laugh, dream and live life. Use it! Don’t get too focused on business, metrics and revenue that you lose the fun factor. Start by defining your brand personality. If your brand were standing in front of you in human form, what would it look, sound, talk, and act like?

Human brands do not speak to their audience like a dollar bill or credit card. They don’t tweet the same tweets 24/7, 365 days of the year. They share in real-time and create experiences real-time. There is no business too serious, or too complicated that it can’t also create an enjoyable, memorable and fun client experience.

Keep it sweet and simple | Memorable Brands

Don’t complicate the experience. Focus on creating sweet, tasty moments of pleasure. Keep them simple and easy to remember. It is highly likely that you may stumble upon an idea that is great, but can’t be accomplished within your budget range. The goal at this point should be to break the idea down into its vital elements and look for ways to accomplish the goal in a manageable way that’s on budget. The more you keep it simple, the more easy it will be for your clients to engage with you and remember the experience.

Make social media an integral part of your marketing | Memorable Brands

Social media platforms give businesses a great opportunity to connect directly with their clients. Today, it’s next to impossible to have a powerful brand without a presence on the top social networks, yet many businesses make the mistake of not utilizing available networks to the fullest potential. Your audience should always be able to easily communicate their experience in social networks to spread the word.

Engaging in live conversations happening online among your followers can help build a more personal connection, ultimately boosting loyalty for your brand. Connecting emotionally with your clients often becomes memorable, because it is purposeful and meaningful. To do this you must know your audience, know yourself and know how to inspire and connect with them.

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Memorable Brands | Be Unforgettable! Build A Memorable...

Remember your ABCs: Always Be Consistent | Memorable Brands

Social media includes virtually anything you post online: tweets, Facebook posts, likes, shares, web content and more. The good news is consistency across your marketing efforts is easily maintained; something as simple a style guide can make sure your logo, fonts and messages all match up. There is no single online and separate offline experience. Each experience matters and the brand should be consistent both offline and online.

Memorable Brands | Website Design –

Use unique and promising slogans | Memorable Brands

Learn from the big brand and create a unique slogan for your logo. Remember to be promising and do what you say or else you might end up with 0% trust of your potential buyers. Do what you say you are going to do, period. Don’t over promise and under deliver. Under promise and over deliver. Earn and establish trust at every brand point.

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