Memorable Logo Design | The Essential Elements of a Winning Logo Design

Memorable Logo Design | The Essential Elements of a Winning Logo...

Memorable Logo Design | A perfect logo expresses, in a glance, as much about your business as you can squeeze in, plus a little bit of extra. A well-made logo does miracles for a brand; however a bad one can damage the reputation or create negative impression. A logo instantly connects the target audience with the brand, provided it conveys the business principles and contains appropriate elements. No matter what type of business you are running, it is one of the essentials to have a business logo. The logo of a company gives it a brand recognition with which a company can reach its audience. That’s why every brand has its own logo and each of these logos is conveying a certain message or quality of the company’s business.

To achieve all of this in a blink of an eye, a logo requires forethought and a disciplined design approach.

Memorable Logo Design | Website Design –

Uniqueness | Memorable Logo Design

A truly outstanding logo needs to be unique. Many businesses incorrectly begin the design process by examining the logos of their competitors. Instead, concentrate on what makes you different, better and unique. Use your logo to impart your ‘one of a kind’ abilities on prospects and potential clients. For a logo to be unique, it not only has to be different, it needs to adequately represent the business it is being created for. Simply creating an abstract or overly complex graphic will certainly make it unique, but is it appropriate, versatile, memorable, etc? An effective logo will incorporate all of these things.

Memorable Logo Design | The Essential Elements of a Winning Logo...

Memorability | Memorable Logo Design

Unique and well designed logos are memorable. Some logos are too plain or not symbolic enough for consumers to easily connect them with the brand. How effective is a white dot, for example? Now think of Google’s logo – big difference, isn’t it? A logo is probably the first thing people will see when introduced to a company. Which is why it’s so crucial to make a good first impression…a memorable one. An effective logo design should be memorable and this is achieved by having a simple, yet, adequate logo. A professionally designed logo will be committed to memory at a single glance, and will be easily recalled by the viewer. Simplicity goes a long way here. Recognition produces familiarity, which assists in creating trust and loyalty in a brand.

Timelessness | Memorable Logo Design

An effective logo should be timeless – in other words, it will endure the ages. Will the logo still be effective in 15, 20, 30 years? Logo design is usually about creating trust and loyalty in a brand over the long-term. Trendy typefaces, images and colors will be out of fashion within a relatively short period of time, therefore their use undermines the ability of the business owner to build long-term value in their brand. Not many business owners want to have their logo redesigned every few years. Such a logo design should be made that could last for a long time. If a business owner will require making variations in the design from time after time, then that can influence the company’s image. Though sometimes minor changes are required to freshen it up but it should always be eternal.

Memorable Logo Design | The Essential Elements of a Winning Logo...

Memorable Logo Design | Website Design –

Appropriateness | Memorable Logo Design

A great looking logo is not usable if it doesn’t properly represent what it’s being created for. Having a logo that is not appropriate or relevant may give the wrong impression, detour potential customers and ultimately damage sales. How you position the logo should be adequate for its intended purpose. For example, if you are requiring a logo for children’s toys store, it would be appropriate to use a childish font & color scheme.

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