Memorable Portfolio Design | Be Awesome, From First Impression To Last! The Guide To Crafting An Amazing Online Photography Portfolio

Memorable Portfolio Design | Be Awesome, From First Impr...

Memorable Portfolio Design | Setting up an effective photography portfolio website is vital for success of any photographer. It’s a sign of both professionalism and quality, and can play a huge role in the decisions made by your potential employers, clients, partners or curators. When a portfolio website is designed well, you have the advantage over other professionals in your industry, and in today’s variety of creative and outstanding photography websites, you will have to try your best to make your presentation stand out among other great websites.

Memorable Portfolio Design | Website Design –

A great photography portfolio will do more to grow your business than any other marketing tool in your arsenal. However, setting up a showcase of pictures is not an easy task, and most of the time the photographers have basic or no knowledge of design at all. Moreover, creating such a portfolio in which the pictures are the main focus is a difficult task, and even more experienced designers might fail creating an effective layout. Keeping that in focus, use these photography portfolio tips to help make your photography website a favorable representation of your work.

Keep The Design Simple | Memorable Portfolio Design

The difference between a web design portfolio and a photography showcase is enormous. The focus has to be on your work, not on the design itself, and the more inspired and original you can be, the better your website will be. Remember, your website is a mechanism for people to find your work. You don’t want your portfolio to be overly flashy or unconventional — that will make the content more difficult to access. Simplicity in the interface and visual design of your website will push your work to the surface, where it belongs.

Memorable Portfolio Design | Be Awesome, From First Impr...

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Include Only Your Best Work | Memorable Portfolio Design

It’s crucial that you include only the very best examples of your work in your portfolio. It should not only show that you’ve done good work, but also that you have the ability to self-edit. Too many pictures in your portfolio can increase load times, and provide the visitor with too many options. It can make your portfolio feel like it is dragging on and on. Including works that are meaningful to you, but are not your best, will only reflect poorly on you. If you limit your selection, your potential clients will see only the strongest examples, and if they are interested in seeing more, they can get in touch with you.

Make Your Contact Details Easy To Find | Memorable Portfolio Design

The most effective portfolio websites are designed in such a way that they funnel visitors to specific pages and invite them to take some sort of action. This might be to fill in a contact form, send you an email, call you, or schedule a meeting. Sure, the most important thing is to showcase your work, but how does this help if you do not get clients? People have a short attention span on the internet, so when they get an urge to reach out to you, they should be able to do it within three seconds! Having the e-mail address in the footer might work too, but it depends a lot on your layout.

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Memorable Portfolio Design | Be Awesome, From First Impr...

Make It Easy To Navigate | Memorable Portfolio Design

Navigation is the most important element, and you need to keep it in mind when designing your online photography portfolio. It should be created as clearly as possible for the visitors to view the examples of your work. The simpler your portfolio is for your potential clients to navigate and get around, the happier they will be using it. Make the website dead simple to use! Make the navigation easy so people can focus on your work without being distracted by trying to figure out how to use the website.

Memorable Portfolio Design | Website Design –

Keep Your Portfolio Up To Date | Memorable Portfolio Design

Internet users are used to finding new content each and every time they visit a website. We’ve grown out of seeing the same old stuff on every visit. Most photographers improve over time and that’s why you have to keep your portfolio fresh with new projects, as long as they are better! So, when you do update your portfolio, only update if the new content is stronger than the older content. It makes no sense to replace a strong image with a weaker one, regardless of if it’s more recent.

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