Mobile Website Design | Thou Shalt Go Mobile With Thy Website (And Here’s How To Do It Quickly)

Mobile Website Design | Thou Shalt Go Mobile With Thy Web...

Mobile Website Design | More than half of Americans have smartphones, one third own tablets, and more and more of them are using their devices to browse the Internet. A mobile-friendly website can boost your sales – according to Google, 67 percent of customers are more likely to buy from a company if it has a mobile-friendly website. With more and more people accessing the Internet from mobile devices, instead of desktop computers, it’s crucial that you build a mobile-friendly version of your website.

Mobile Website Design | Website Design –

The growth and evolution of mobile technology now enable people to do business, read emails, and shop from a bar, on the bus, or wherever they feel most comfortable. It’s essential for the growth of your business to optimize your website for mobile visitors, and if you don’t, your potential clients will go somewhere else. While tablets may be able to handle your full website, screens of smartphones are quite limited in terms of space, so you have to provide their owners with a completely different user experience, which must be positive without exceptions. Here are six things to take into consideration when making your website mobile-friendly.

Simplify. Then Simplify Again. And Again | Mobile Website Design

It’s vital to keep one thing in mind: the person visiting your website is probably on the go. When people visit your website from a mobile device, what do they see? A mobile visitor is typically looking for a few key pieces of information: directions to your office, a click-to-call phone number, or a map of your store locations. What they’re not looking for are long staff bios, information about your corporate philosophy, or PDFs of your latest press releases. Your goal in designing a mobile website is to enable visitors to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible, with the fewest possible swipes and taps required. If you find an element that can be removed, ditch it. There must be nothing extra in a mobile website.

Mobile Website Design | Thou Shalt Go Mobile With Thy Web...


Keep Content Short And Sweet | Mobile Website Design

When they’re squinting at a small device, your potential clients don’t want to read a lot of words. Streamline your content so they can get the key points of your message quickly. So, figure out how to tell your story with fewer words. Be sure to provide a balance between promoting your company, and providing practical information. Contact information should be clear, and easy to find as soon as someone lands on your website from a mobile device.

Reduce Text Input To A Minimum | Mobile Website Design

Don’t force your visitors to type in too much text. It’s quite a hassle in the world of tablets, let alone smartphones, where typing something that exceeds a tweet, a message, or a comment, is painful. Requisites like a sign-up form should be kept as short as possible, because each additional field can reduce visitor’s satisfaction and interest.

Define Your Brand | Mobile Website Design

When you are considering all the elements to include, you shouldn’t forget defining your brand. Make sure your brand is instantly recognizable, and in order to achieve that, you should showcase your company logo, brand colors, and the overall style of your business. A mobile site is a brand touch-point and, like any other element of your business, should showcase and promote your brand essence. Also, for users who are already familiar with your business, a similar design will make them feel like they’re visiting an old friend, which is an important consideration for your most loyal clients.


Mobile Website Design | Thou Shalt Go Mobile With Thy Web...

Optimize The Images | Mobile Website Design

Here’s something else you need to do while simplifying the content of your mobile website: cut back on the graphics. Yes, Android smartphones and iPhones can zoom in and zoom out on images, but the smaller the images are, in both dimensions and download time, the happier your mobile visitors will be. Optimizing images is always a good idea, but for mobile-friendly websites it’s crucial.

Mobile Website Design | Website Design –

Test For Compatibility | Mobile Website Design

You have no control over the size of your visitors’ browsers. Each manufacturer makes their devices with the dimensions that they believe are most appropriate. This is why you should test your mobile website with various mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, and also on various operating systems and screen resolutions. You can also use web-based emulators to test your mobile site.

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