Modern Business Card Ideas | Practical Guide To Designing Effective Business Cards (And 3 Examples That Will Blow Your Mind)

Modern Business Card Ideas | Practical Guide To Designing...

Modern Business Card Ideas | Your business card will often be the very first contact your potential clients have with your business, which means they have the potential to make or break your business. Let’s face it – we live in a world where first impressions are everything! If you don’t grab your potential client’s attention and leave the best impression possible from the get-go, they’ll take their business and go to a competitor. However, if you create a business card that works, it will not only help you stand out, but it will also lend legitimacy to your business.

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Not all business cards are created equal, though. You can order a stack of pre-designed business cards online and have them printed for less than $40, but this isn’t as good as it may sound at first. What will generic design and inferior paper quality say about the quality of the products or services you’re providing? The sweet deal you found online will quickly turn sour once you realize they majority of your business cards end up in the trash! So, to help you design a business card that gets the job done, we gathered some of the most effective design tips! Let’s dive right in!

Start With The Contact Details | Modern Business Card Ideas

At the end of the day, the most important goal of your business card is to provide your potential clients with the most important contact details. However, there’s a thin line between providing just enough information and overwhelming your potential clients with too many details, so you’ll want to decide which details you’re going to include. What’s most important? Your name and the name of your business definitely need to be there, as well as your email address and phone number. You can also include your website’s URL and social media links if you use social media to connect with your potential clients.

Modern Business Card Ideas | Practical Guide To Designing...

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Ensure Readability | Modern Business Card Ideas

If you’ve got a lot of information to include, you might be tempted to shrink down the text in order to fit it all neatly on one side of your business card. Making your potential clients strain their eyes to read your phone number is a bad idea, which is why you need to make sure you’re not using font sizes lower than 8pts. Another important thing when trying to ensure readability is the font itself – don’t use complex calligraphic fonts that are impossible to read. Instead, use classic serif fonts that are easy on the eye, and make sure you don’t use a light gray font on a white background. Make it easy for your potential clients to reach out to you by making sure your business card takes no effort to read whatsoever!

Say It With Color | Modern Business Card Ideas

Colors are an incredibly powerful tool in the design industry – they can help you grab your potential client’s attention, guide the eye to the most important elements of your business card, and most importantly, they can help you convey the nature of your brand! However, when choosing the colors for your business cards, make sure they work well with your logo and with each other – a mishmash of contrasting colors will help you stand out, but it might be for all the wrong reasons. Never underestimate the power of simplicity!

The Issue Of Size | Modern Business Card Ideas

There are rules that should be followed at all times, and the size of your business card is one of those rules! While many business owners will choose an unusual shape for their business card, or go with a larger card, keep in mind that business card holders and wallets are made to accommodate the average business card, which measures 3.5 x 2 inches. A large round card will definitely stand out, but when you hand it out to your potential clients, how are they supposed to store it for later use? Instead of their wallets, your business card might end up in the trash can the moment the meeting is over.

Avoid Using Borders And Bleeds | Modern Business Card Ideas

Using borders and bleeds might sound like a good idea, and they might look great on a computer screen, but when the time comes to have the business cards printed, you need to keep in mind there’s always a chance of your business card appearing lopsided thanks to minuscule movement in the printing machine! Many printers will also specify the safe area in the center of the card that won’t get cut off during printing – so make sure you keep all the important information inside this recommended area.

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Modern Business Card Ideas | Practical Guide To Designing...

Consider Paper Thickness | Modern Business Card Ideas

If you decided to cut corners and go cheap on the paper for your business card, what does that say about the quality of your business? Thicker cards tend to feel more luxurious and expensive, which will make your business appear more reliable and professional. No one likes a limp handshake, so why would anyone like a limp business card? To leave the best impression possible, you’ll want to get the best paper your budget allows – otherwise a card that gets dented or torn easily might cost you more than you think!

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Check Everything Before Printing Large Number Of Cards | Modern Business Card Ideas

Before you print your entire order, make sure you have a test copy printed, so you can check out what everything looks like. Do the colors look as they should? What about the alignment? What about the information on your card? All the details need to be up to date because nothing looks as unprofessional as a business card with a new number hand-written under your old number.

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