Modern Photography Business Cards | Call Me Maybe? How To Design A Business Card That Gets Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook

Modern Photography Business Cards | Call Me Maybe? How To Design A...

Modern Photography Business Cards | Most business owners, not just photographers, no longer carry business cards around. Even though most of our communication nowadays happens online, business cards are far from being outdated, or on their way out, especially in industries such as the photography industry. Photographers heavily rely on word of mouth marketing and networking, so having a well-designed business card can save you a lot of headache and frustration, whether you’re being approached by a potential client while shooting a wedding, or asking an existing clients for referrals.

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Not only will this allow you to instantly provide them with all the right information without having to dig around your bag looking for a pen and writing the details on a napkin, but it will also help you leave an impression of an establish business owner, reinforce your brand identity and your unique visual style, and boost your chances of getting booked! However, not all business cards are created equal. In fact, a poorly designed business card can actually do more damage than good. To help you design a business card that grows your business and boosts exposure, we created a list of the most effective design tips, tricks, and best practices. Let’s dive right in!

Master The Art Of Standing Out | Modern Photography Business Cards

Your potential clients and business partners are probably handed dozens of business cards each week, most of which will end up in a desk drawer – or even worse, in a trash can. It might sound unfair, but we all do it! There are a few cards that we keep for years just because they grab out attention, even if we never really plan to reach out to the owner of the business card. Your goal should be to design that card! It needs to be able to stand out from even the largest pile of business cards, and the first step to do just that is to make sure your business card is unique.

Modern Photography Business Cards | Call Me Maybe? How To Design A...

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Yet, you’d be amazed how many photographers out there decide to cut corners and use cheap templates they found online instead of having business cards custom designed just for them. Saved money is made money, right? Not always! Your business card will stick around with your potential client long after the meeting is over (if it doesn’t end up in trash right away), and it will represent you and act as your brand’s ambassador. How will a business card that looks just like many other business cards in your potential client’s card holder help them remember who you are and what you can do for them?

Brand It! | Modern Photography Business Cards

In order to get the most out of your business card, it not only needs to be different than any other business card out there, but it also needs to accurately convey your brand’s identity. To do that, you’ll want to use your brand’s color scheme, fonts, as well as any graphics typical for your brand. Remember, your brand is much more than just your logo, and by consistently using these elements throughout your materials, you will turn them into a cohesive package, and your brand into a memorable visual experience.

Size Does Matter | Modern Photography Business Cards

There are rules that should rarely be broken, but we’ve all seen way too many photographers break the same rule. We, of course, are talking about the size! The average business card in the United States measures 2 x 3.5 inches, and business card holders and wallets are made to accommodate this particular size. While a large round business card will definitely stand out, it will be a nightmare when it comes to storing it, and it might end up in the trash rather than your potential client’s wallet. You want to make sure your contact details are easy to access and store, so it’s best to stick with the standard size. Keep in mind, though, that in other countries around the world, the average size varies slightly, but so do the wallets and card holders to accommodate that particular size.

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Modern Photography Business Cards | Call Me Maybe? How To Design A...

Be Deliberate With The Information You Include | Modern Photography Business Cards

2″ x 3.5″ cards don’t give you that much space to play around with, so you’ll want to make sure you’re including only the most important details. While this might vary from one photographer to another, there are certain details typical for majority of business cards. First, you’ll want to make sure your name and the name of your business are clearly featured on your business card. You’ll also want to include your phone number and the email address you check most frequently. If you don’t own a studio, you can leave out your street address and include your website or social media links if you use social media to promote the services and products you’re providing.

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Don’t Sacrifice Usability | Modern Photography Business Cards

Sure, you can shrink down the text in order to fit more details, but as clever as it might sound, it can backfire and do more damage than good. Keep in mind that while the text may look readable on your computer screen, it could turn into an illegible smudge when you print the cards. Don’t make your potential clients squint or use a magnifying glass to decipher your info. When we design a business card for a client, we make sure we never use fonts smaller than 8 pts, to ensure perfect readability.

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