Modern Photography Marketing Tips | Moving Your Photography Business Online: Blogging, Social Media And Online Advertising

Modern Photography Marketing Tips | Moving Your Photography Business

Modern Photography Marketing Tips | We’ve all been there – hitting that wall that seems to sap away all our creative marketing juices. Suddenly you feel like Peter Pan without his magical pixie dust. When running a professional photography business, taking the pictures can feel like the easier part of the process. It’s the business side of things that many photographers find challenging.

Modern Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

While industry marketing terms such as search engine optimization, conversion, ROI, web design principles, and social media can sound confusing, marketing does not have to be overwhelming or expensive. However, it does have to be creative and effective to get clients to choose you over other photographers in your area. If you’re strapped for cash and searching for ways to get some buzz around your photography brand, here are some proven ways to get free marketing for your business.

Create A Website That Appeals To Your Ideal Client | Modern Photography Marketing Tips

Your website is often the very first impression that people have of your business and can be thought of as your virtual storefront. You want to keep your unique selling point in mind when setting up a portfolio website and make sure that every element appeals to your target audience. Also, try to avoid using Flash. Websites built using Flash might look, well, “flashy“, but Google dislikes them so much that it doesn’t even bother to index them directly, usually relying only on external links to reveal their presence.

Modern Photography Marketing Tips | Moving Your Photography Business

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A Website Is Like A Brochure, Whereas A Blog Is Like An Ongoing Conversation | Modern Photography Marketing Tips

A blog is a powerful way to engage with your audience and let them know what you are all about and what you can do for them. Your blog is essentially a blank canvas to express creative ideas, share bits about your personal life, educate clients, share images and showcase products. Blogging is not just for for your visitor’s sake, it’s an essential part of your online marketing plan, and is central to your search engine optimization strategy. Google also likes websites that have new content on a regular basis. SEO for a website without a blog is a lot more challenging, that’s for sure.

Let Them Know The Person Behind The Camera Lens | Modern Photography Marketing Tips

What’s the most important thing to remember when setting up a photography portfolio website? Build trust. Trust is the key theme that runs throughout everything you should do as a business owner promoting yourself online. Whether you are offering your services as a photographer or just selling fine art prints, it is vitally important to include a page about you on a website. It gives visitors a chance to get to know you better and to begin to trust you. It is an opportunity to show that you are a real person.

Build Your Email List | Modern Photography Marketing Tips

Your email list is your greatest asset. Yet most people completely disregard the value of this data. By building an email list, you’re essentially creating a list of people that you KNOW are already interested in your work and want to hear about your business. Are you setting up a mini-session event soon? Let your email subscribers know everything about it. Did you just share a new blog post that you think your audience shouldn’t miss? Create an email campaign and let your crowd know about it!

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Modern Photography Marketing Tips | Moving Your Photography Business

Build A Social Media Presence | Modern Photography Marketing Tips

At the very least you should have accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Google+ is catching up very quickly, and then of course there’s Twitter. Beyond that, there are various other social networks, but the best advice is to really focus your attention on where your ideal clients mostly spend time. It only requires about 10-20 minutes per day, and you will begin seeing your reputation grow. Why would you want to get on Facebook when you are already blogging? Because that’s where your clients are, and it’s another opportunity to connect with them in a fun, social way.

Modern Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Unique Promotions Can Improve Your Reach | Modern Photography Marketing Tips

Brainstorm unique promotion ideas that people will actually be interested in, and that can drive massive publicity for your photography business in 2015! Whether it is coming up with a user generated contest or a photo upload promotion, get your fans and followers on social media to engage with your brand in a clever way. You’ll want to put together a plan that encourages sharing so your message can be spread to new potential clients that don’t follow you, and therefore build your base.

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