Online Brand Building | How Do You Turn Pixels Into A Full-Blown Brand Experience?

Online Brand Building | How Do You Turn Pixels Into A Full-Blo...

Online Brand Building | Some people believe that branding is an expensive marketing activity that can only be done by big brands with million dollar budgets, while others think of branding as a highly complex strategy that only some business owners are able to use effectively. These statements are not false, but they are only a small part of a bigger picture. Businesses of all sizes are joining the web experience, not only to build their own websites, but also to build their brands with secondary websites, social media posts and company blogs.

Online Brand Building | Website Design –

If your company relies on leads from your website, then your online presence is vital for your brand. If you are not utilizing web tools to make sure the correct information about your business is reaching your target audience, you may be leaving money on the table and missing valuable opportunities to turn potential clients into paying ones. Here are five tips on how to successfully implement branding in your online strategy.

Define your brand | Online Brand Building

Branding is much more than just a name and a logo. It’s a philosophy, a particular way of doing things that starts with the simple act of presenting yourself, or your business, but ends with an increase in brand awareness; which ultimately leads to an increase in profit. Analyze your product or service, pinpoint the place in the market it occupies, and research the emotional and rational needs, or concerns of your clients. Your brand character should promote your business, connect with your target audience, and differentiate you in the market.

Online Brand Building | How Do You Turn Pixels Into A Full-Blo...

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Consistency is the essence of branding | Online Brand Building

Many organizations don’t know who they want to be when they grow up. Because of that, employees all deliver a different message when they attend conferences, when they tweet, when they blog, when they meet someone on an airplane, or when they go to networking events. If you think that branding is a complex concept to understand, you’ll find that understanding the idea of consistency is a much easier challenge. Basically, it’s all about repeating a message, over and over again, in a consistent manner, to establish an idea in the mind of potential clients.

Visual consistency | Online Brand Building

The visual element of branding is not only the business logo, but this element is certainly its central piece. With that said, in order to achieve the minimum level of visual consistency, all you’ve got do is to apply the same logo across the board. If you create or manage profiles on any or all social networks, then make sure that the use of imagery and messaging is consistent across them all. Create a smart, branded image, re-size for each site and upload.

Voice consistency | Online Brand Building

Thanks to social media platforms, both potential and existing clients can interact with the brands in a way they never were able to do before, and this type of direct communication creates an opportunity for small businesses to increase brand loyalty. How? By showing personality through blog posts, status updates and tweets. Speak to your clients with a consistent tone of voice. It will help reinforce the business’s character and clarify its offering so clients know exactly what to expect from your product or service. A law related business may choose a formal tone of voice, while a childcare center a more friendly attitude. Whatever tone of voice you choose for your business, the rule of the thumb is to stick with it, in order to achieve the so-much desired consistency.

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Online Brand Building | How Do You Turn Pixels Into A Full-Blo...

Establish yourself as a resource | Online Brand Building

Establish yourself as industry leader by sharing free educational content. Offer useful e-books, or other downloadable materials that your visitors will actually need or benefit from. Establishing a recognizable and an influential brand requires you to tell your story, and a blog is the best medium for it. A regularly updated blog will keep your visitors coming back, and improve your search engine rankings. Share a good mix of thought leadership and personal experiences to make your content authentic and credible.

Online Brand Building | Website Design –

The days when customers relied exclusively on magazines and newspapers to find products and services are long gone. Nowadays, the internet is the first place they go to find more about the products and service they want; and it’s where companies are building their brands. Rememeber, your reputation is not out of your hands. Developing a strong online presence and paying attention to your overall online branding increases both positive customer experience and search engine optimization results.

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