Online Branding Strategies | Six Overlooked Branding Tips To Boost Visibility, Clicks, And Conversions

Online Branding Strategies | Six Overlooked Branding Tips ...

Online Branding Strategies | If your company counts on leads from your website, then your online presence is your brand. Online branding is particularly important for service providers who don’t have a tangible product that clients can look at. The brand comes through in your messaging, in your website content, in your social media activity, at the trade conventions, when you speak to people, and in your internal meetings. However, many business owners have a scattered approach to online branding.

Online Branding Strategies | Website Design –

Every business owner knows that managing a website and social media accounts is vital for reaching potential clients in today’s digital world. Most startups do a pretty good job of building an online brand for themselves, but maintaining that brand presence takes a considerable amount of time and planning. If you’ve noticed a high bounce rate on your website, it’s time to take a look at the image you are projecting, and consider revamping your branding strategy with these tips.

Everyone Googles | Online Branding Strategies

We’re online, all of us. Google makes sure of this. Potential employers, clients, professors, former classmates – all of them will Google you at some point. Since basically everyone googles the name of a business, or individual they’re considering doing business with these days, it’s crucial to make sure online searchers get results that boost your credibility. That means managing search engine results. Google AdWords is one of the quickest ways to learn what keywords matter to your business and why. Even if you don’t have a daily budget to buy ads, you should use the keyword tool in AdWords to understand your keywords.

Online Branding Strategies | Six Overlooked Branding Tips ...

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Build A Website | Online Branding Strategies

Once you’ve determined what you want your brand to look like, the next step is to make it available to the world online. Your reputation is not out of your hands. Take control of your online identity and gain leads from improving your online presence. A website is the perfect tool for every branding strategy, simply because it gives your clients the information needed, while also giving insight into your personal taste and style.

Establish Yourself As A Resource | Online Branding Strategies

Establish yourself as industry leader by sharing free educational content. Aim to establish yourself as a valuable resource for knowledge, entertainment, current events, or whatever else you can capitalize on. You should be willing to educate your clients, and readily give them the information they want. One common mistake is filling website content with industry language and buzzwords. Instead of pitching to a client with fancy terms, speak to them in language that they would use to search for your products or services.

Social Media Matters | Online Branding Strategies

Whether you’re building a personal, or a professional brand, it pays to deliver a consistent message using all platforms, including social media. Use a social stats widget or plugin on your website to show your social following stats. Positive engagement on social media can boost the likelihood that your visitors will find your brand likable. Find out where your target audiences already spend time, and be active in responding to them. If your potential and existing clients aren’t on Twitter, for example, why would you spend precious resources there?

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Online Branding Strategies | Six Overlooked Branding Tips ...

Business Cards Drive First Impressions | Online Branding Strategies

The business card has been around for ages, but it’s still a first-line impression builder, especially in the professional services sector. You should carefully design business card that will effectively represent your company. Like business cards, printed material such as proposals, brochures, and presentations can be a powerful vehicle for communicating vital branding messages on paper, while providing a digital bridge to an online hub of information about the company at the same time. This is a great way to convey key facts about your relevant skills, while also giving readers a more complete impression of your strengths, depth, and areas of specialty.

Online Branding Strategies | Website Design –

Be Consistent | Online Branding Strategies

Thanks to social media websites, clients can interact with the brands they love in a way they never were able to do before, and this type of direct communication gives an opportunity to brands to boost brand loyalty. How? By showing personality through blog posts, status updates, and tweets. Brand guidelines are critical for building your brand, but they go nowhere unless they’re applied. That means that anyone representing your brand — from employees to contractors — has to have access to the most up-to-date version of this guide for consistency.

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