Online Branding Tools | The Basics Of Branding: Branding Tips to Light Up Your Business

Online Branding Tools | The Basics Of Branding: Branding ...

Online Branding Tools | The Internet has been a powerful weapon for many businesses, especially smaller ones that don’t have the marketing budget to compete against the big shots. There are numerous ways to promote your products and services online, with unprecedented access to your potential clients. If your company relies on leads from your website, then your online presence is your brand. Online branding is particularly important for service providers who don’t have a tangible product that clients can look at.

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Branding is a way of defining your business to yourself, your team and your target audiences. It could be called the business “identity”, but only on the understanding that it embodies the core of what the business is and its values, not just what it looks and sounds like. From search engine best practices to social media strategies, these are tips that any small business owner can use to help clients find them online.

Create Your Personal Voice | Online Branding Tools

The digital marketing age doesn’t allow any business to stand behind its name and be a faceless company. These days, it’s all about your business’ personal voice. Many organizations don’t know who they want to be when they grow up. Because of that, employees all convey a different message when they attend trade shows, when they meet someone at the airport, when they blog, when they post updates on Twitter, or when they go to networking events. Keep your message consistent by using the same voice on every platform you use.

Online Branding Tools | The Basics Of Branding: Branding ...

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Develop A Distinctive Branding Look | Online Branding Tools

If your voice sounds unique, now it’s time to get a distinctive branding look that’s just as memorable. Start with the basics – the colors that represent your business. Clear brand guidelines boost your company’s memorability, enabling you to show what sets you apart from your competition. Define guidelines regarding messaging, design elements, fonts, colors, logos, and imagery when creating and promoting your brand. Even the companies with the most popular logos have colors that bring the business to mind with a single glance.

Boost Your Brand’s Visibility | Online Branding Tools

First step is to make sure that your company is attractive for search engines and shows up in search results. It’s crucial. All brands (the big and the small ones) want to be discovered via search and social media, so metadata on your website (like title tags, descriptions, and alt text) is a vital component of your website’s SEO. Leaving it out can negatively affect how you show up in search results. There are also a lot of tools available online that can help you with SEO, and if you don’t feel comfortable with optimizing your brand’s visibility by yourself, you can hire an agency to do that for you. No matter which way you choose, SEO is absolutely an essential step on your way to making your brand not only visible, but a strong one as well.

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Online Branding Tools | The Basics Of Branding: Branding ...

Engage Your Demographic | Online Branding Tools

Don’t sit back and let your products and services do all the work for you. Proactively engage your target audience through the marketing channels that they frequent. If your existing and potential clients aren’t on Twitter, for example, why would you spend precious resources there? Find out where your target audiences already spend their time, and be active in interacting with them. Ask for client opinions and post intriguing content that generates conversation. Social media marketing is more than simply talking with your clients – it’s also a way to understand the type of media your demographic enjoys, how they talk, and how they like to spend their free time.

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Be Proud | Online Branding Tools

Even if you work in your pj’s at home, your brand doesn’t have to say that. Professional branding can make your company seem bigger and more successful than it is. Let it! Once you figure out your vision, post it everywhere. Create plaques for employees to hang over their desks. Have a sign made for your door. Include it on your website. If you are passionate about your business, be an advocate for it. Use many of the tips in this blog to make sure people understand what you do, the story behind your products, what your products have done for people, your methods and mission, and all that good stuff. Invite people in!

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