Online Business Branding | Social Media Branding Tips To Light Up Your Business

Online Business Branding | Social Media Branding Tips To ...

Online Business Branding | Did you know that it takes at least 6-7 brand touches before someone remembers your brand? Using social media is a great opportunity to not only build your brand, but can also to boost brand loyalty. In fact, you should really consider signing up for several social media networks, instead of just sticking to one. Every brand experience with a potential or an existing client, business partner or even those who know nothing about your brand is leaving behind an impression. Every impression counts! It’s up to you whether that impression is going to be a positive, or a negative one.

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Whether you’re just starting your business, or you’ve been doing this for years, there’s always more to learn when it comes to social media branding. And it’s crucial not to take your eye off the ball. A forward-thinking, hands-on, social media branding strategy can build your brand identity by catching, and keeping, attention in even the most competitive digital spaces.

Know Your Audience | Online Business Branding

Who is your audience? What are their demographics? What problems do they have that you can help solve? Social media provides a wealth of information about what your target demographic is interested in, so use that information to create a branding strategy. The better you know your target clients, the better you can create content, and choose the best social platform that provides relevancy and value for them.

Online Business Branding | Social Media Branding Tips To ...

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Know The Rules Of Each Platform | Online Business Branding

When branding your website, advertising, newsletters, and other marketing materials, you’re the one with absolute control. You own the pixels, you own the story — it’s your game, and you decide how it’s played. Social media doesn’t work like that. Both visually and textually, there are different rules for every social network. For example, Facebook and Google+ have different banner size, and text limitations. So while you should aim for consistency, know the rules of the networks you’re using, and make the most out of every social profile, rather than finding the lowest common denominator.

Establish Your Brand Voice | Online Business Branding

As any successful business owner is likely to tell you, building, and defining your brand identity is imperative. Your brand is not only your logo, color scheme, and tagline. Your brand is everything you tweet, pin, post, say, and do. How you represent yourself to the outside world is going to affect your success. Don’t try to adapt your brand’s voice to what you think the audience is like for each particular social network. Your voice should not only be consistent, it should be appropriate for your brand, and for your target audience. Never forget who you are, and whom you’re talking to.

Keep Your Profile Picture Simple And Consistent | Online Business Branding

The profile picture of any social media profile is the most visible image across the platform. It shows up in followers’ feeds, in platform search results, in comments you made… and the list goes on and on. Don’t try to be witty, and have wildly different images to represent your company on different social networks, because it’s only going to create confusion. Keep in mind that the imagery is the most effective way to build brand recognition.

Market Across Many Social Platforms | Online Business Branding

Convert Facebook fans into Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections into contacts that check out your profile on Google Plus. Make sure that every profile you have has links to your other social profiles, so that followers can keep up with you on every social network. Physically linking your social profiles together is a powerful way to strengthen the consistency of your brand.

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Online Business Branding | Social Media Branding Tips To ...

Keep All Of Your Profiles Up To Date | Online Business Branding

Followers use social media profiles to stay up to date with important brand related news. Do you have an upcoming product launch? If you are running a particular campaign for a new product, or service or you have a sale, then you have to run that campaign across every social network you use. Take advantage of your social media profiles to advertise milestones. That way, whenever someone lands on your profile, they can easily see time-sensitive information such as an event, or contest, and most importantly, they can get involved.

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Be Human | Online Business Branding

You can’t expect to build a relationship with your potential clients if you don’t interact with them. Communication is a two-way street: if you’re using social media just to advertise your business, you’re doing it wrong. People buy from people. They also communicate better with people, than they do with only logos. Join a conversation. Start a conversation. If you don’t, you’ll never be the subject of one.

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