Online Marketing Explained | 5 Things Every Photographer Needs To Know About Online Marketing

Online Marketing Explained | 5 Things Every Photographer ...

Online Marketing Explained | Many photographers would be more than happy hiding behind their cameras taking stunning images for days on end. In reality though, that’s not a great way to run a successful business. Marketing, for example, is the business side of the photography industry, yet as a photographer, you’re a creative-minded soul. Those two elements are sometimes hard to reconcile, but you’ll never be able to thrive and turn your business into a success story without promoting yourself.

Online Marketing Explained | Website Design –

In today’s competitive photography market, taking amazing pictures is only half of your business — online marketing skills are vitally important as well. But how can you stand out from the hordes of other photographers who do great work, and how do you make sure your name is at the top of the minds of your potential clients? Online marketing, SEO, and of course social media marketing are just some of the incredibly effective and essential tools of the modern professional photographer.

Create A Stunning Online Portfolio | Online Marketing Explained

Simply put, an online portfolio is a must-have for any photographer that wants to be taken seriously. As a service based business, your website essentially acts as your storefront to showcase your services, skills, and style. It should beautifully and professionally display the best examples of your work, advertise your pricing packages and list your contact information so that you can reel in new business. With the addition of your contact details and links to other websites such as your social media profiles, you’ve got yourself a hub which can act as the first port of call for potential clients. They’ll be able to find you throughout the internet themselves, without needing any initial interaction.

Online Marketing Explained | 5 Things Every Photographer ...

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Spend Some Time On Content | Online Marketing Explained

Good SEO for photographers starts with a website design that includes a decent volume of text in addition to photographs. Google and the other search engines really love blogs, because they not only have tons of unique and useful content, they’re also usually well optimized for the search engine crawlers. And it’s not just Google that loves blogs. When done well, your blog can keep your visitors coming back for more time and time again. Remember, a photographer holds a great deal of trust. A blog can help foster that trust between you and your clients as they get to know you better through your posts about funny situations you encountered during shoots, tips and tricks, and anecdotes from your personal life.

Showcase Testimonials | Online Marketing Explained

Testimonials are an incredibly powerful way to hook new clients. It’s a wise idea to devote some space on your photography portfolio website to showcasing various testimonials from your previous clients. Sometimes, they’ll volunteer to provide them; other times, you’ll have to ask them if they’re willing to write them. We are all now accustomed to looking for online reviews of products and services. So, once you’ve delivered work to a client, it’s important you ask whether they can jot down a few sentences regarding their experience or working with you.

Social Media Is Vital | Online Marketing Explained

Still think Facebook is just for your teenage daughter? If so, you could be missing out on one of the best free marketing tools in history. Social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook enable you to reach out to people and potential clients in a way they’re comfortable with and enjoy. However, once you’ve set up your profiles on Facebook and Twitter, make sure you use them. Be sure to have updates and links regarding the work that you’re doing, but also engage with other photographers, photography blogs, magazines, galleries, and local businesses.

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Online Marketing Explained | 5 Things Every Photographer ...

Brand Your Business | Online Marketing Explained

Of course, in order to run a successful photography business, your images have to be top-notch. But that’s just the baseline requirement to get you in the door for most jobs. Keep in mind that your potential clients have a choice of many other great photographers, but will most notice the ones that match their own personal tastes and styles. Figure out what makes you unique as a photographer and communicate it with your logo, color scheme and even fonts you use throughout your marketing materials.

Online Marketing Explained | Website Design –

If you’re a photographer and you want to grow your business, online marketing is the best way to do this. While creating a compelling website design and promoting your business on social networks may be time-consuming, it will be worth your while in the end.

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