Online Portfolio Ideas | Top Design Tips To Improve Your Portfolio Website And Take Your Online Presence To The Next Level

Online Portfolio Ideas | Top Design Tips To Improve Your Portfolio ...

Online Portfolio Ideas | Business owners all over the world are starting to realize the importance of having a solid online presence. Not so long ago, it was only online businesses and large international corporations that gave any serious thought to their websites. Today, however, even a brick-and-mortar store can benefit from setting up a decent website that showcases their inventory and provides the potential clients with all the important information. If you’re serious about your photography business, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of your online presence.

Online Portfolio Ideas | Website Design –

Your potential clients are out there, doing their research, checking out websites, and comparing photographers before deciding to call in to book a session or schedule a meeting – which means your business needs to be online! However, your website is much like a digital storefront, and it will oftentimes be the first contact a potential client has with you and your photography business. This, in turn, means that the impression your website leaves on your potential clients will be the critical difference between a lost sale and a loyal client for life. If you don’t pay special attention to your website, you might be losing business without even realizing! So, what can you do to get more out of it?

Outdated Websites Are More Dangerous Than You Think | Online Portfolio Ideas

The world of website design is much like fashion – there are new trends and fads coming and going, and you need to make sure your website grows and evolves as well in order to provide your visitors with an enjoyable browsing experience. For example, more website designers and developers are starting to prefer scrolling instead of clicking, and as a result, the web pages we visit each day are becoming longer and longer. Sure, the broadband speeds have been consistently increasing, so you can set up longer pages without affecting the loading time.

Online Portfolio Ideas | Top Design Tips To Improve Your Portfolio ...

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However, that’s not the only reason behind this trend. Thanks to the popularity of smartphones, tablets, and touchscreens in general, designers are opting for more content on each page, rather than forcing the visitor to click and tap to get to another page. While clicking may sound perfectly fine on a desktop computer, scrolling and swiping is a lot more intuitive on mobile devices. Considering the number of mobile users is about to overtake the number of desktop users any day now, it’s no surprise that more websites favor scrolling. Breaking your website down into dozens and dozens of small pages is likely to only frustrate your visitors and make them move on to the next website where there’s not as much scrolling involved.

Make Viewing Your Work As Easy As Possible | Online Portfolio Ideas

Poor user-experience isn’t the only result of an outdated website – using outdated technology might make your website completely useless. For example, Apple products, as well as many other devices, no longer support Flash, which means your visitors using iDevices to view your website will see a blank page, not a showcase of your work. The news is pretty bleak even for the devices that do support Flash: websites based on Flash not only take forever to load, but they also tend to look cheap and dated, which might leave your visitors thinking you’re no longer in business. And if that’s not enough to convince you to avoid Flash, you might want to reconsider once you realize the negative effect it will have on your search engine rankings.

SEO Is Not A Dirty Word! | Online Portfolio Ideas

Flash websites are essentially interactive movie files, which makes it almost impossible for search engines to index the content – so much so, in fact, that many search engines will completely ignore Flash websites. There are almost a million photography websites out there, and you can’t afford to ignore search engine optimization. Even the most appealing website won’t do much good for you unless people can actually find it, so SEO needs to be on top of your priorities when it comes to setting up a portfolio website.

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Online Portfolio Ideas | Top Design Tips To Improve Your Portfolio ...

However, avoiding Flash is far from being the only thing you can do to ensure better SEO. In addition to code optimization and proper tag structure, which is something we typically take care for our clients whenever we set up a photography website, you should consider setting up a blog on your website. Photography websites are notorious for the lack of text, which doesn’t leave you too many options to use the keywords you want to rank high for, and setting up a blog fixes that issues, allowing you to use your target keywords on a regular basis and in an organic way that will keep the search engines happy, without frustrating your visitors.

Online Portfolio Ideas | Website Design –

Mobile Is Absolutely Everything | Online Portfolio Ideas

While talking about the importance of avoiding using Flash, we mentioned the number of mobile users has never been higher, so you need to not only make sure your website is viewable on mobile devices, but that it’s just as effective and easy to use on any device as well, regardless of the screen size. That’s why for years now we’ve been setting up responsive websites for our clients. This means you need only one website, and if the design is fully responsive, the website elements will be automatically rearranged to fit the screen and put every single pixel of the available screen real estate to a good use.

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