Online Portfolio Websites | Creating the Perfect Photography Portfolio Website

Online Portfolio Websites | Creating the Perfect Photography...

Online Portfolio Websites | In this era of technology, a high-quality portfolio website is crucial for a professional photographer for the reason that in many circumstances, your website is also your potential clients’ first impression of you and your work. Today most photographers favor to present their works in digital format and when a portfolio website is designed perfectly, you will have the advantage over other professionals in your niche. Photographer’s portfolio website is envisioned to show your photos and interest potential customers. So, whether you already have a photography portfolio website or you’re just starting out, this guide will prepare you to create a professional website that fully supports your photography business online.

Online Portfolio Websites | Website Design –

Simple and Uncluttered | Online Portfolio Websites

A simple website will give you the chance to truly focus on the important information, and an uncluttered design allows the reader to find their way to the information that you want them to read without getting lost. Simple designs usually result in smaller file sizes. And smaller files load quicker. Simplicity in design is – at its most basic – the elimination of all unnecessary elements from a design. This usually consists of a clean layout, a two or three-color structure and lots of white space. A clean layout features a few stand-out fundamentals, but largely depends on the color scheme and white space to create the drama and interest.

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Online Portfolio Websites | Creating the Perfect Photography...

Your Best Work Only | Online Portfolio Websites

Examine the images and select the best ones that you want to present to the audience. Divide them into groups. This is important, because a photo gallery is interesting if it offers a journey to the guest. If there is a thread that ties the images into a whole, such a portfolio will always be interesting to the audience. This also means you need to be careful while putting up the pictures on the front page. The number of images to be presented on the front page should be definite and space should be provided at the time of designing.

Easy Navigation | Online Portfolio Websites

Good navigation is vital to good web design. Visitors should have an overall idea of what they should find on a page even before clicking any navigational link. This is true whether it’s a main navigation link or an internal text link. Use perfect text to describe the linked page so visitors know what they’re going to get. By building a portfolio website with an intuitive, sophisticated and simple navigation system that shows visitors just where they are and explains how to get to other segments of the website, you can enhance their experience. Then, and only then, will they come back to your website, and bring their associates with them.

Provide Good Links | Online Portfolio Websites

When visitors come to your website, you want to make it easy for them to share your work with others – which means you’re going to need to provide a good links for them to pass around. Well-designed link pages with convenient and related links help you to make your website more useful and eye-catching for web surfers, and websites which are useful and attractive for web surfers get high search engine rankings as well because they’re considered specialists and worth linking to.

Understand Your Target Audience | Online Portfolio Websites

Before even beginning to work on your website design, ask yourself if the design will appeal to your audience. Study two groups — your present audience, and maybe more significantly, your target audience. Think of a wedding photographer’s portfolio for example; typically white, clean, and easy to use. This is appropriate for the target audience of a wedding photographer: usually younger couples (every so often ladies are in charge of certain decisions), with their dreams of the perfect wedding.

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Online Portfolio Websites | Creating the Perfect Photography...

Online Portfolio Websites | Website Design –

Loading Times | Online Portfolio Websites

Quicker download speeds help visitors have a better experience overall. The less time they spend waiting, the more likely they are to stick around and completely explore your website. Pre-load the images in the background so when a viewer advances to the next image it happens immediately. The appearance of speed is critical because it keeps people from giving up mid-way through a portfolio.

Let your photographs take up most of the viewing area so the rest of your website design isn’t competing for attention. Always present your very best work first, and last, and have the intermediate portion of your portfolio with the filler. This tactic is used as you want to grab attention primarily, show them diversity in your work, and then wow them again.

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