Personalized Photography Business Card | What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

Personalized Photography Business Card | What Does Your Business ...

Personalized Photography Business Card | There’s no denying that we live in a time of 6-second attention spans: if you can’t say it in 140 characters or less, no one will bother trying to hear you out, and the first impressions are usually the last. Much like the clothes you wear, the briefcase or the purse you carry, the business card you hand out plays a vital role in making that crucial first impression. Yet, you’d be amazed just how many business owners out there hand out business cards that say all the wrong things.

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Your potential clients are being handed dozens of cards each week, so you’ll want to make sure your business card is the one they hang onto until they’re ready to book a session. The good news is that designing a business card that stands out even from the largest pile, sparks (and keeps) a potential client’s interest, and conveys just the right message about you and the services you’re providing doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. To help you get the most out of your business cards, we share some of the most effective design tips. Let’s dive right in!

Does Your Business Card Showcase Your Attention To Details? | Personalized Photography Business Card

The primary purpose of any business card is to provide people with your contact details, so start with that: by deliberately choosing the information you’re going to feature on your business card, you’ll have a solid starting point and you can work your way from there. It’s a better idea to tweak the design to accommodate the info than to try and cram the info into a premade design you got online. So, what’s most important?

Personalized Photography Business Card | What Does Your Business ...

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The details on the business card will vary from one photographer to another, but there are certain details commonly found on most business cards, such as the name of the business (Duh!), the person whose card it is, as well as their phone number and the email address they check most regularly. If you use social networks to promote your services and products, space permitting, you can also consider including those links as well. If you’re pressed for space, you can leave out the physical address if you don’t have a studio, or any other information you don’t think will be useful.

Is Your Card Readable? | Personalized Photography Business Card

There’s not much space on the average business card – in the United States, the business measures only 2 x 3.5 inches, which makes choosing the right details absolutely crucial. Don’t be tempted to scale down the size of the fonts in order to fit more info. While this may look acceptable on your computer screen, the content of your business card might end up turning into illegible smudge when actually printed. Whenever we design a business card for a client, we advise them not to go below 8 pts, especially when it comes to the most important details.

Another important factor when it comes to readability is the font itself. While you may have a favorite font you’d like to use, first you need to ensure it’s easy to read. While complex calligraphic fonts may look stunning, you will want to use simple, readable fonts on your business card, so your potential clients don’t have to sit there trying to decipher your information.

Does Your Card Represent Your Brand? | Personalized Photography Business Card

Customization is another reason you should consider getting a personalized photography business card. Sure, you want to sort out the contact details, but your card can do much more than just provide a potential client with your contact details. It can convey the nature of your brand, reinforce your visual identity, and boost exposure. That might sound like a lot to ask from such a small piece of paper, but it can be done. For example, using the same color scheme and fonts throughout your materials, both online and off, including your business card, will turn your brand into a memorable visual experience and help your business card seamless fit the rest of the materials you use to engage your existing and potential clients.

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Personalized Photography Business Card | What Does Your Business ...

Is Your Business Card Outdated? | Personalized Photography Business Card

Business cards haven’t changed that much since the time they were introduced. Of course, we started including our email addresses and cell phone numbers, but other than that, there hasn’t been a major change. Up until recently, that is. Not so long after the introduction of NFC, or near-field communication, most smartphones out there already have the NFC readers, which means adding the NFC chip inside your business card can actually be a good idea. It will allow the recipient to simply tap the card against their phones and add your contact details into their phonebook, or even check out your portfolio website.

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What Does Your Card Say About The Quality Of The Services You’re Providing? | Personalized Photography Business Card

It’s not just the design of your business card that you need to pay attention to – details such as printing technique and paper quality can also say plenty about your photography business. Even the most appealing design won’t do you much good if you decide to get the cheapest paper stock. Think about it – what will a business card that gets torn or dented easily say about the quality of the services you’re providing? Your potential clients will definitely notice the difference between cheap paper and high-quality stock, and this seemingly small detail can be the critical difference between people hanging onto your card and throwing it away!

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