Personalized Stationery Design Ideas | Dress Up Your Startup! Design Tips For Stationery That Will Supercharge Your Small Business

Personalized Stationery Design Ideas | Dress Up Your Start...

Personalized Stationery Design Ideas | In saturated industries such as the photography industry, standing out is absolutely everything – and building a strong brand is the easiest way to do just that! However, downloading a generic logo template from the Internet won’t get you far – you need to come up with a unique and memorable visual identity that will not only stand out but also communicate the personality of your business and the style of your photography.

Personalized Stationery Design Ideas | Website Design –

Keep in mind, though, that your brand is much more than just a logo and a witty slogan – the logo is the face of your business and the backbone of your brand, while your stationery items and marketing collateral will build and reinforce it, which means you can’t afford to cut corners. From the business cards and the letterhead, to the envelopes and other stationery items, everything you use to communicate with your potential clients and business partners should portray you as a reliable and successful entrepreneur, and we’ve gathered some of the most effective tips that will help ensure your stationery stands out from even the largest pile!

Your Logo Is Your Company’s Face – Show It! | Personalized Stationery Design Ideas

If you already have a logo designed for your business, make sure it’s featured on every piece of stationery that leaves your office. A recent study found that a person needs to see a logo up to seven-eight times to remember it, and by featuring your logo on every personalized stationery item, you’ll be improving brand awareness and boosting the exposure. Keep in mind, though, that your logo needs to versatile and simple enough so you can scale it to any size to fit every stationery item without affecting the quality, from your business card to a roadside billboard.

Personalized Stationery Design Ideas | Dress Up Your Start...

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If you don’t have a logo, consider hiring a professional to come up with a design that not only matches your brand and appeals to your potential clients, but will also stay relevant for years to come. The last thing you want is to have a complete logo design overhaul in the middle of your marketing campaign because it can’t be used on all the materials you need. This will only confuse your potential clients and alienate the existing ones.

Keep It Simple | Personalized Stationery Design Ideas

Many small business owners decide to throw pretty much every design element they can think of at their stationery items and see what sticks. While this will definitely make your stationery items stand out, it might be for all the wrong reasons. Remember, your stationery items are a delivery mechanism for your message, do don’t clutter it with unnecessary design elements that will only overwhelm your potential clients. If doubt – leave it out!

Use Color With Caution | Personalized Stationery Design Ideas

Don’t be afraid to use color when designing your stationery items – colors will not only make your business stationery stand out from the pile, but it will also help you emphasize the most important information on each item. However, don’t go overboard. Just like with the overall design of your stationery, you’ll want to keep the color scheme simple – a mishmash of random colors will only frustrate your potential clients, so keep the selection down to 2-3 colors that work well together.

Limit Your Font Selection | Personalized Stationery Design Ideas

As we mentioned before, the main purpose of your stationery is to deliver your message, which means you need to ensure readability. If you force your potential clients to strain their eyes to read the information, you might end up losing a potential sale. And as with the colors, stick to 2-3 fonts that match your brand’s personality and work well together. Any more and your stationery will look cluttered. Human eye finds it hard to scan too many different fonts at once, as well as text that’s too small to be read comfortably without having to use a magnifying glass. And lastly, another common mistake you’ll want to avoid is using a light gray text on a white background.

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Personalized Stationery Design Ideas | Dress Up Your Start...

Include The Important Information | Personalized Stationery Design Ideas

You’ll need to make sure you carefully choose the most appropriate contact details for each stationery item – at the end of the day, not every item is going to be large enough to fit absolutely every detail. What’s most important? Your name will definitely need to be on many, if not all stationery items, as well as your phone number, email address and your website’s URL. Space permitting, consider including your social media contact details as well.

Invest In High-Quality Paper | Personalized Stationery Design Ideas

The last thing you want from your stationery items is to get dented or torn in your wallet, briefcase, or the presentation folder. To leave the best impression possible, make sure you’re using the best paper your budget allows. Thicker paper will portray your company as a reliable and established enterprise, while a cheap, thin paper might make your potential clients think they’re doing business with someone that will disappear the moment you find a real job.

Personalized Stationery Design Ideas | Website Design –

Double-Check Everything | Personalized Stationery Design Ideas

The worst thing you could do is to hand out a business card with your old number crossed off and your new number written by hand on the back of the card. Before you send off any piece of design to the printer, make sure you double-check everything, as just a single typo or an incorrect number can cost you more than you think.

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