Photo Portfolio Essentials | How To Set Up The Perfect Photography Website: A Cheat Sheet For Beginners And Pros Alike

Photo Portfolio Essentials | How To Set Up The Perfect Photography...

Photo Portfolio Essentials | One of the first things you have to do when launching a photography business is to set up a portfolio website that shows off your work in an appealing way and provides your potential clients will all the information they need to hire you. If you want to turn your startup into a success story, having a portfolio isn’t optional. Even if you have a physical portfolio, a website is pretty much expected these days in addition.

Photo Portfolio Essentials | Website Design –

Google tells us that there are almost one million photography websites on the web right now. This is bad news for you. The great news, however, is that most of these websites suck. So, in addition to stunning pictures, what features are found in effective photography portfolio websites? What elements will help you turn page visitors into paying clients? If you are not a professional web designer you may not be au fait with the easiest and most effective ways to set up your portfolio website, so we gathered some of our favorite tips to help you along the way.

Define Your Goals And Your Audience | Photo Portfolio Essentials

Before you start designing your photography website, it is vitally important to clearly define your goals and purposes of your portfolio: whether it is going to be a portfolio for commercial purposes, or showing examples of your works to potential employers, or just showcasing your pictures to share them with friends and close friends. In other words, your portfolio has to appeal to your target audience and ideal client, whether it is a couple looking for a wedding shoot, or an agency looking for a commercial shoot. If your portfolio gives off the wrong image, you won’t attract any of the clients you want.

Photo Portfolio Essentials | How To Set Up The Perfect Photography...

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Showcase Only The Best Shots | Photo Portfolio Essentials

Take the time to go through all of your work and carefully choose the best pieces for your portfolio. If you limit your selection, your potential client will see only the strongest of images, and if they are interested in seeing more, they can get in touch with you. Limiting your selection also makes your portfolio seem more defined and structured. Remember, it’s always a better idea to have a portfolio of a few projects that are immaculate than dozens of projects where some of them are just OK. In other words, the quality of your portfolio is only as good as your weakest project.

Keep Things Simple, Clean, Uncluttered | Photo Portfolio Essentials

If people are constantly talking about the design of your portfolio website, chances are, you are doing something wrong. Your pictures are supposed to be the star of the show, so don’t clutter up design and bury your work with useless design elements. Simplicity in the interface and visual design of your website will push your work to the surface, where it truly deserves to be.

Try To Keep The Contrast High | Photo Portfolio Essentials

Depending on the style of photography, pictures usually look a lot better when you view them on a black background. This is because there is more contrast than when viewing against a white or a bright background. Contrast helps bring out the colors of the picture, which in turn, makes it appear more vivid and stunning. While photography looks great on black or gray backgrounds, white text on a dark background can be incredibly difficult to read. If you’re going to include a blog with lots of text, find a way to put the text on a light background to make it easier to read.

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Photo Portfolio Essentials | How To Set Up The Perfect Photography...

Keep Your Portfolio Fresh | Photo Portfolio Essentials

Keep in mind that your work doesn’t end with just setting up a killer portfolio. You’ll also want to update it on a regular basis. The best portfolios are never static, after all. As you create new and better work, make sure you make additions to showcase your latest projects, but with the same focus on careful curation!

Photo Portfolio Essentials | Website Design –

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines | Photo Portfolio Essentials

One of the most important things is SEO. It stands for search engine optimization, and it starts with choosing the right domain name for your website, but doesn’t ends with it. Making your portfolio website SEO-friendly is vitally important. Often times photographers create beautiful websites and then wait around hoping that clients will see them. However, they forget that they need to optimize it for the search engine spiders. Think about it, how is anyone supposed to hire you, if they can’t find you in a search? The best tip for improving your photography website’s SEO is to add Alt and Title tags to EVERY PICTURE YOU USE! These tags are meta tags that you can add to a photo so Google knows what is represented in the photo.

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