Photography Blog Expert Advice | The 6 Commandments Of Blogging And What It Means For Your Photography Business

Photography Blog Expert Advice | The 6 Commandments Of Blogging ...

Photography Blog Expert Advice | If you’re serious about building a solid online presence, you can’t go wrong with a blog. Yeah, yeah, you had a blog back in high-school and you’re so over blogging. If blogs were just for high-school students, how come we’re seeing blogs on practically every website out here? Even the large international companies realized the power of regularly updated blogs, and seeing more business owners are choosing to jump on the bandwagon, your photography business should definite not be an exception.

Photography Blog Expert Advice | Website Design –

We’ve been designing photography websites for years now, and we always include the blog page in our designs by default. However, you’d be amazed just how many photographers refuse to even consider blogging as a marketing effort, saying they either lack the time to do it properly, or that they’re simply visual artists, and not writers. Here’s the tee – those are just excuses, and really bad ones at that! To help you get started on the right track, and become the next blogging sensation, we’ve put together a list of our favorite blogging tips we use each day and a few benefits that will definitely get you to at least consider setting up a blog.

Benefits Of Blogging Are Great And Bountiful | Photography Blog Expert Advice

Running a blog rarely requires any additional investment, apart from your time, of course, but the benefits it brings are pretty much endless. A regularly updated blog hits several SEO marks, which will help you get on the first page of search results. Not only that, but a blog will give your visitors a reason to keep coming back for more. Photographers are notorious for updating their websites once or twice a year, which begs the question: once a visitor is done viewing your portfolio, why should they bother visiting your website again?

Photography Blog Expert Advice | The 6 Commandments Of Blogging ...

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Those Who Want To Succeed Will Find A Way, Those Who Don’t Will Find An Excuse | Photography Blog Expert Advice

One of the complaints we often hear from photographers, and the most common excuse for not blogging is the lack of necessary skills, or even topics. “But, Mark, I simply don’t have anything to blog about!” You’re a photographer, and we’re talking about photography website here, after all, so blog about… you guessed it, photography! You can share tips and tricks for better sessions, what to wear, and describe the entire process from the moment they book a session to the moment they receive the photos.

Keeping The Posts Related To Photography Is Your Safest Bet | Photography Blog Expert Advice

There are important reasons we listed only photography-related topics there – first, your visitors wouldn’t be reading your blog if they weren’t interested in photography. They probably googled something photography-related, and since they already showed some interest, give them what it is that they’re looking for. Don’t blog about the politics, unless you’re a rally photographer. This isn’t important only from the point of view of your potential clients – search engines need to know what the website is about, and using photography-related terms will keep you on top of search engine results.

But Don’t Shy Away From An Occasional Personal Post | Photography Blog Expert Advice

In addition to boosting your search engine rankings, your blog can do so much more. For example, it’s a great tool to let your readers get to know you a bit better! Don’t use cold, formal tone of voice, unless you’re trying to sound like a faceless corporation. Inject bits and pieces of your personality in each post, and every once in a while, publish a personal post talking about what drives and motivates you, what you enjoy about running a photography business, and where you want to take your brand. Sure, you’re a business owner, but people do business with people, so let them get to know the person behind the camera and the keyboard.

Come Up With A Schedule | Photography Blog Expert Advice

One of the quickest ways to fail at blogging is to wing it! You’re not setting up a personal blog you’ll be updating when you feel like it – it’s a business blog with clearly defined goals, and you need a strategy to get there. First, come up with 5 different topics you’re going to be blogging about and create a blogging schedule. Of course, then comes the hard part – sticking with it. However, this is vitally important, because sooner than you know it, you’ll start procrastinating and postponing the posts until you quit altogether.

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Photography Blog Expert Advice | The 6 Commandments Of Blogging ...

A regularly updated blog is pure gold from the search engine optimization point of view. Google is know for giving better rankings to websites that are regularly updated. And since you’re probably updating your portfolio once or twice a year, regularly blogging will make sure there’s new content on your website for search engine crawlers to index. Of course, it will also keep your visitors coming back for more – and if you stick with your schedule, they’ll know exactly when to come by to read your newest post.

Photography Blog Expert Advice | Website Design –

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment | Photography Blog Expert Advice

Each photographer is different, and each photographer’s target audience is unique, which means each blog will be slightly different. This means there aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions, so don’t be afraid of getting started and making mistakes. Once you learn the ropes and find out what works for you, and what doesn’t, you’ll have a much more fun actually doing it.

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