Photography Brand Boards | The Photographer’s Guide To Brand Boards – Tips, Tricks, And Best Practices

Photography Brand Boards | The Photographer's Guide To Brand Boards...

Photography Brand Boards | A brand board is a relatively short document that offers a quick glance at the entire brand. You’ve probably stumbled upon several of them on Pinterest without ever realizing what they really are and what purpose they serve. To put it simply, brand boards offer an overview of all the brand elements, from different logo versions and the color scheme to the fonts and even brand-oriented words. But they’re not just pretty visuals you can share on Pinterest and other social networks – when done right, a brand board can be one of the most powerful design tools.

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Building solid and memorable brands is especially important in the photography industry, as more shooters than ever are joining the industry, thanks to the affordable equipment and the overall appeal of doing photography for a living, because, let’s face it, running a photography business sounds absolutely brilliant! However, if you want to turn your brand into a memorable visual experience, you will need a branding guide to keep all of the aspects of your brand in line. Every time we design a logo for a client, we create a brand board for their new logo, but if you haven’t received your board from your designer, or you designed your logo on your own, you might want to consider setting up your own board. To help you get it right, we put together a list of our favorite tips for creating a brand board that’s holy-cannoli, call-your-best-friend sort of good!

Do You Really Need A Brand Board? | Photography Brand Boards

Yes! A brand board will help you keep all of your materials consistent and make sure they match each other, as well as the nature of your brand. The end-result will be a cohesive design across different materials and platforms, so if a potential client were to put all of your materials on a desk next to each other, all of the items would look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source.

Photography Brand Boards | The Photographer's Guide To Brand Boards...

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This might not sound all that important right now if you’re handling the design of everything, but the moment you hire a professional designer to create a piece of stationery, or a brochure, for example, they’ll have a much easier job when it comes to designing something that fits the rest of your branded materials, even if they weren’t all that familiar with your brand before you hired them. Your board will give them a better idea which colors to use, as well as fonts, graphics, and approved logo variations. Which leads us to our next point.

Regulate The Use Of Your Logo | Photography Brand Boards

Of course, you’ll need to include your logo in your branding guidelines. However, keep in mind that it will appear on many different materials and platforms throughout its life cycle, so it needs to be adaptable and highly versatile, whether we’re talking about the color variants, or the size of the logo. This is where a brand board comes in handy: you’ll want to include a few alternative versions of your logo. For example, if your logo consists of a graphic stacked on top of your name, you will want to create a version with the graphic next to your name for materials that allow only limited height. You will also want to create a black and white version, as well as a gray scale version to ensure complete versatility.

Color Me Impressed | Photography Brand Boards

Color is a designer’s best friend, and since you’re a photographer, we have a feeling you might now a thing or two about the power of colors as well. It can help you grab the attention of a potential client, emphasize an important area, set a mood, or even convey a message without using any words. Color can also tie together all of your materials, from your stationery items to your website, which is what makes color one of the critical elements of your board. Bear in mind that this is not the time to get vague – you’ll want to use the exact codes for each color, from the colors you used in your logo to the colors that work well with your logo and can be used for your marketing and branded materials.

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Photography Brand Boards | The Photographer's Guide To Brand Boards...

For The Sake Of Fonts, Limit Your Type | Photography Brand Boards

You’d be amazed just how many photographers completely overlook the importance of choosing the right fonts. Being visual types, most photographers focus on colors and imagery, barely thinking about the fonts, or throwing random fonts together to get the message across. Typefaces might not have unique meanings like colors do, but they can still help you reinforce your message and set a mood with the right combination of typefaces. Just like colors, using the same fonts both online and off will ensure consistency and boost the sense of familiarity throughout your materials.

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There are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when thinking about the fonts to include in your branding guidelines, the most important one, of course, being readability. Ensuring readability isn’t as simple as choosing one font: for example, serif fonts are a lot easier to read in print, while sans-serif fonts are much easier on the eye on screens. Needless to say, the font itself will affect readability, so make sure you don’t use only complex calligraphic fonts that are next to impossible to read!

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