Photography Branding Expert Advice | You’ve Got A Logo – Now What? The Photographer’s Guide To Building An Epic Brand

Photography Branding Expert Advice | You've Got A Logo - Now What? ...

Photography Branding Expert Advice | In our previous post, we discussed the importance of logos and shared some of our favorite design tips. However, building a powerful brand involves a lot more than having a logo designed. Unlike what many branding agencies would have you believe, though, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With the right guidance, a few industry secrets, and just a pinch of creativity, you too can build a brand that effortlessly stands out even in the most saturated industry.

Photography Branding Expert Advice | Website Design –

Building a powerful brand in this day and age isn’t optional – in fact, it can be the difference between success and failure. To help you turn your passion for photography into a solid source of income and your business into a household name, we prepared a quick overview of some of the other important brand elements you’ll want to take care of. If you’re just starting out in the industry and you have no idea where to start, or you’ve been around for some time now and want to get yourself out of a business rut, we’re sure you’ll find something useful in today’s list, so let’s dive right in.

Be Unique | Photography Branding Expert Advice

The reason why you’re looking into branding in the first place is because you want to stand out from all the other photographers out there. It’s only natural you’ll take notice what other photographers are doing when it comes to branding, especially if you’re just starting out. However, your goal is to find an opening for something new, not blatantly copy, imitate, or even parody what other photographers are doing. Remember, if you want to stand out, you need to be different, so follow your gut and dare to be unique!

Photography Branding Expert Advice | You've Got A Logo - Now What? ...

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Come Up With A Unique Visual Identity | Photography Branding Expert Advice

Even though we mentioned this earlier, it’s worth repeating: your logo is the face of your business and the backbone of your brand. Since we already discussed logo design, we won’t be getting into too many details in this article – but we will cover some ideas on how you can use the logo as the starting point for your brand. Whenever we design a logo for a client, we make sure we put together a document and define all the colors we used in their logo, as well as fonts, and we even put together a small inspiration board. Of course, you can also include a particular style of graphics, or anything else you think represents the visual identity of your photography business.

This short document doesn’t sound like the most important branding tool, does it? Yet, it will save you tons of headache later on. Even if you decide to hire a completely different design team to design something for you, your branding guidelines will help them come up with something that will perfectly fit your other branded materials, even if they’re not too familiar with your brand. The goal is to tie together all of your materials, both online and off, by using the same color scheme and create a cohesive overall look and feel, turning your brand into a memorable visual identity.

Create A Voice | Photography Branding Expert Advice

Your brand’s message is crucial – it’s your elevator pitch and it needs to be simple and direct in order to grab the attention of your potential clients. However, while what you say is important, so is the way you say it! We’re talking about your brand’s voice – the language and the tone you use to engage potential and existing clients, whether it’s on your website, through social media, via email, over the phone, or even in person. First, you need to make sure the voice is appropriate for your brand. There’s no point in using an overly formal tone of voice if your target audience are high-school seniors.

Second, you need to ensure consistency. For example, if your target audience are high-school seniors, and you’re running a social media promotion, it’s natural you’ll use a laid back tone of voice to appeal to a younger crowd. However, if they visit your website and run across a faceless, formal copy, you risk losing their interest, because you might come off as inauthentic. This is definitely not something you want associated with your brand, so once you create a voice, stick with it!

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Photography Branding Expert Advice | You've Got A Logo - Now What? ...

Offer Outstanding Service | Photography Branding Expert Advice

There’s no point in creating a stunning visual identity and sugarcoating your promises to your potential clients if the services and products you’re providing fail to meet and exceed the expectations of your clients. Remember, happy clients will be the very best source of referrals, as we’re all more likely to trust a friend’s recommendation over a random newspaper ad. Never lose sight of the services and products you’re offering and keep improving them to stay ahead of the competition.

Photography Branding Expert Advice | Website Design –

Don’t Be Afraid To Change | Photography Branding Expert Advice

As the time goes by, your business will grow and evolve. Not only will be serving more clients, but you’ll tweak your offerings to make sure you meet your ideal client’s needs, and much like a living organism, your business will start changing. Don’t forget about your brand, though! It needs to be an accurate reflection of your business, which means it needs to grow and evolve with it. Don’t be afraid to make some small changes along the way to keep your brand up to date. Of course, you’ll want to avoid doing any sudden and major revamps, but updating your logo, for example, or refreshing your color scheme isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

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