Photography Branding Expert Guide | Want To Turn Your Brand Into A Household Name? Here’s How!

Photography Branding Expert Guide | Want To Turn Your Brand Into A ...

Photography Branding Expert Guide | Much like photography, branding can be considered a type of art. Let’s face it, pretty much anyone with some extra cash on their hands can start a photography business, but turning it into a success story is a completely different story. In fact, new photographers are joining the industry each day and starting their own businesses, yet only a handful manage to build household brand names and turn their passion for photography into a solid source of income. So, what can you do to build a brand that helps you avoid burning out and closing down your business?

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The truth of the matter is that the talent alone isn’t enough to turn a hobby into a full-time job. After all, we’ve all seen many incredibly talented photographers decide to quit their day job in order to start their own business, struggle for a few months to make ends meet, only to end up closing down their business and go back to being a hobbyist. Then, there are some arguably less talented photographers that effortlessly make the transition and sail right by. Their secret? Mad branding skills! The good news is that building a solid brand doesn’t have to be expensive or exhausting. Read on to find out how you too can build a powerful brand, regardless of your budget.

Do The Prep Work | Photography Branding Expert Guide

In order to get the most out of your efforts, you will need to do your homework and come up with a solid foundation for your brand. What are you trying to achieve? What is the personality of your brand? Is it cutting edge or classic? Formal or friendly? Laid back or corporate? You will also need to define your target audience, as it will affect practically every aspect of your business, not just your brand. We get it, your first instinct is to target pretty much every demographic, but this won’t help you come up with a focused, effective strategy.

Photography Branding Expert Guide | Want To Turn Your Brand Into A ...

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Instead, you’ll want to clearly define your ideal client in terms of age, gender, location, heck, even marital and financial status, among other things. All these things, as well as many others will affect everything from the type of a brand you build, to the equipment you invest in and even the prices you define, so make sure you sort this out before doing anything else.

Your Logo Is The Face Of Your Brand | Photography Branding Expert Guide

We hate to burst your bubble, but we all rush to conclusions and base most of our decisions on first impressions. Don’t judge a book by its cover? Hah! How many times have you decided to watch something on Netflix only because you liked the poster? Or literally buy a book because of great cover art? Thought so! Now, think of your logo as your Netflix poster, or the face of your business. It will oftentimes be the first point of contact potential clients have with you and your business, and if it doesn’t leave a favorable impression, they might not even bother checking out your portfolio.

This is why it’s really important that you come up with a unique design that’s appropriate for your brand. If you already defined the nature of your brand, coming up with a logo that will accurately represent everything you stand for will be a lot easier. Whatever you do, don’t get one of those cheap logo templates. These are usually designed by amateurs or beginners trying to earn a buck while practicing their design skills, which means they have all the telltale signs of cheap design. Even the few good templates are already being used by countless other businesses, and you want your logo to be uniquely yours.

Dress To Impress | Photography Branding Expert Guide

Once you sort out your logo, you can move onto the rest of your visual identity. Don’t get us wrong, your logo is an important element of your brand, but it’s far from being the only element! This is why we create branding guidelines for our clients every time we design a logo for them, so if your designer hasn’t already provided you with it, you should create it on your own.

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Photography Branding Expert Guide | Want To Turn Your Brand Into A ...

This short document will help you keep all your materials, both online and off, consistent and appropriate for your brand. We usually define the color scheme we used for the logo, so our clients can use the same color scheme throughout their materials. We also define the font families, as well as the overall look and feel that’s appropriate for that particular brand. If you follow these branding guidelines each time you design a new item, they will all look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source, if you laid them all on a desk next to each other.

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Come Up With A Voice | Photography Branding Expert Guide

Your brand’s message is important – it should cover the things that make you unique and the reasons why a potential client should do business with you instead of all the other photographers in your niche or your particular area. However, just as important is the voice you use to deliver that message. We’re talking about the language and the tone you use, whether it’s on social media, your website, over the phone, or even in person when greeting your clients. You’ll definitely want to keep this voice appropriate for your brand, but also consistent across all platforms if you’re hoping to sound authentic and reliable.

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