Photography Branding Expert Tips | The Secrets Of Building A Photography Brand That Stands Out, Attracts Clients, And Grows Your Business

Photography Branding Expert Tips | The Secrets Of Building A Photo...

Photography Branding Expert Tips | If you’re passionate about photography, chances are, you thought about, or you already decided to start your own photography business. It takes a lot of guts to pursue your dreams and try to turn your hobby into a full-time gig, but it can also be worth your while. After all, they do say if you do what you love, you won’t have to work a day in your life. While being passionate about photography is definitely a great first step, you need to keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between taking great photos and running a successful business. In other words, even the best and most creative job is still a job at the end of the day.

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Launching a photography business can be challenging, especially if you dive right into it without any prep work. There are countless amateur photographers with far greater talents than many pros, yet they can’t seem to get their photography off the ground, because even the most passionate amateurs without a solid business foundation get tired after a year or two of scraping to pay the bills. This doesn’t mean you’ll stop enjoying taking photos, nor does it mean you should give up on the dream of running a photography business. It simply means you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Good news is that most, if not all, obstacles of running a photography business can be avoided with the right tools, enough planning and a solid branding strategy.

What Is Your Brand All About? | Photography Branding Expert Tips

Since pretty much anyone can get their hands on some equipment and set up a Facebook page for their photography, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself. What is it that you can do for your potential clients that no one else can? In other words, what’s your selling point? Do you have the lowest prices, the fastest turnaround, a unique service, or something completely else? Are you casual, friendly or high-end and formal? What area did you specialize in? All these, and many other questions are vital if you’re taking your brand seriously.

Photography Branding Expert Tips | The Secrets Of Building A Photo...

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Don’t Settle! | Photography Branding Expert Tips

The logo you choose for your photography business will be the face of your brand, representing both your unique style and the services you’re providing. It’s the single most important brand element appearing throughout all of your marketing and stationery materials, both online and offline, and even as a watermark on your images, which is why a lot of thought and consideration has to go into its design. For an element this important, you’ll want to hire a professional designer, instead of leaving it in an artsy neighbor’s hands.

Building A Solid Brand Is About Consistency | Photography Branding Expert Tips

Building an effective brand requires much more than getting a random logo from a crowd-sourcing website and slapping it on a random free business card template you found online. It takes deliberate, dedicated, well thought-out strategy to tie in together all the materials you use to promote your photography business. From your logo and business cards, to your website and the flyers you’re using to get the word about your business out there, all your materials should look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source.

The simplest way to ensure this is by defining your brand’s style guidelines. This is a document that will help you make all the right design decisions and turn your materials into a cohesive system. Each time we design a logo for a client, we make sure we send them all the files they’ll need to start using the logo right away, but we also create a branding guide with the information on the colors, fonts, and shapes we used for their logo, so even if they decide to have a brochure designed later on and hire a designer that’s not too familiar with their brand, this document will ensure the newly designed piece perfectly fits the rest of the branded materials.

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Photography Branding Expert Tips | The Secrets Of Building A Photo...

The Devil Is In The Detail | Photography Branding Expert Tips

What you say is important, don’t get us wrong – after all, your entire marketing strategy is based on the message you’re trying to communicate to your target audience. However, it’s vitally important you don’t overlook the way you say it – so much so, in fact, that you might appear inauthentic and lose business if you’re not careful about your brand’s voice and keeping it consistent throughout different platforms. We’re talking about the language here, as well as the tone in your social media posts, emails, on your website and your blog, as well as in the way you answer your phone and greet clients in person. If you use a casual tone of voice on social media, share fun content and crack jokes, yet go completely formal on your website, you’ll only confuse potential clients and drive them away.

Photography Branding Expert Tips | Website Design –

Keep Your Promises | Photography Branding Expert Tips

One thing that can tarnish your reputation faster than anything else are unmet expectations. At the end of the day, photographers rely heavily on word of mouth marketing, and even the most charming photographer will never get referrals if the services they provide don’t meet and exceed the client’s every expectation. Keep working on your services and packages and improving them to stay ahead of the competition and keep your clients singing you praises.

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