Photography Branding Tips | Do They Know You? How to Brand Your Photography Business

Photography Branding Tips | Do They Know You? How to Bra...

Photography Branding Tips | Branding is definitely the buzz word of 2014. It’s become a critical part of every photographer’s business. It represents your entire business, from your style of shooting and your pricing, to your customer service, all with one visual symbol. The big brands have been doing it for ages, but social media has turned more small and independent business owners to branding than ever before. Being consistent with the way your brand yourself can show you’re a true professional. However, if your brand is confusing, the potential client may be less than impressed, and move on to another photographer.

Photography Branding Tips | Website Design –

While many photographers want to focus all of their time on their work, it is vital to keep in mind that you and your photography business are a brand. Marketing, social media, and day-to-day business tasks may feel like the not-so-fun side of being a photographer, but it is critical for your sustained success. In fact, branding is now a key element of any marketing or SEO strategy, and it should be something you are already doing or are about to start doing. Effectively branding a photography business can make a huge difference to your rankings and visibility in search engines, as well as your sales, client retention and outreach. So what can you do?

What Branding Is… And Isn’t | Photography Branding Tips

You may be surprised by the number of people that don’t understand what “branding your business” really means! The real question is: what isn’t a brand? It sounds obvious, but you should design a simple, eye catching and professional logo that will stand out and get you recognized by your target audience. Then start posting your photography logo everywhere, including your social media profiles, websites, and business cards. However, remember that branding is much more than just a simple logo. Every single time you have any level of interaction with a company, you are experiencing that company’s brand. So for your business, your photography logo is just the starting point of your brand.

Photography Branding Tips | Do They Know You? How to Bra...

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Be Consistent | Photography Branding Tips

When it comes to branding, consistency is critical. Keep your brand slogan, typeface, logo, colors and style consistent in everything you do. From your website to print flyers, it should all reinforce the brand you’re building in the same way. Make sure all elements of your brand work together to boost and promote your brand. It will helps show to your client that you are a professional, and that you understand the need for attention to detail, and conveys your own personal consistency, as well a helping to build a recognizable brand. Define a brand style guide, including font choices and color schemes, and keep it handy, so that you never veer away from your original brand styling and usage.

Determine Your Target Audience | Photography Branding Tips

Your brand is not what you say it is. It is what they say it is. “They” are your target audience. Make a list of the characteristics of your ideal client and use this list to define your target audience. Try to be as specific as possible including traits such as age, profession, income, gender, business, etc. Once you have established your target audience, you have to think like them. This is the only way you can reach them. Honing in on your audience will actually make your advertising and marketing efforts feel a bit less overwhelming, since you have narrowed down the market considerably.

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Photography Branding Tips | Do They Know You? How to Bra...

Make The Most of Social Media | Photography Branding Tips

It is hard to ignore the effect of social media on branding strategies. Social media can be an irreplaceable opportunity to promote your brand, and showcase your brand identity to a large market. For photography businesses, Pinterest and Facebook are two obvious key networks to join, as they offer large, high-resolution images, and creative photographic communities waiting to see your work. You need to keep posting, interacting, and reinforcing your brand values and aesthetics on all platforms. This will help your SEO, too, so get at it.

Photography Branding Tips | Website Design –

Find A Designer | Photography Branding Tips

We recommend hiring a designer, like you would recommend hiring a professional photographer. It is that important. Spending money on a good designer to help develop your brand is money well spent. If you have a ‘homemade’ design as a beginning photographer, it will be one of the things that holds you back from collecting professional fees for your services. As soon as you have a foothold in your business, and can stake your creative claim, hire the best designer you can afford.

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