Photography Business Branding Ideas | How To Brand A Photography Business Like A Superstar

Photography Business Branding Ideas | How To Brand A Photography ...

Photography Business Branding Ideas | Many small business owners just like you don’t realize the effect a well-established brand can have on the success of their companies, believing that brands are reserved only for international big shots like Apple, Starbucks and Nike. However, a strong brand can help you stand out in a saturated market regardless of the size of your business and even protect your prices when the competitors are relying on discounts to bring in new clients.

Photography Business Branding Ideas | Website Design –

So, what are the ingredients of a photography brand that potential clients can’t resist? If you think it’s just a generic logo slapped on a cheap business card template, you’re up for a rude awakening. How you dress for gigs, that tweet you just published, the way you answer your phone and even the images you post to social media all make up your brand. If you’re just launching your business or considering rebranding your photography business, check out these vital elements of every successful brand.

Do Your Homework First: Know Your Ideal Client | Photography Business Branding Ideas

Before you even think about kicking off the entire branding project, there are certain things you need to take care of. First and foremost, you need to know your target audience just as well as your photography business. Are you targeting young brides, parents with newborns, seniors, fashion agencies, or would you prefer taking stock images? Once you clearly define your target audience, you’ll want adjust every element of your brand to appeal to your ideal client. Which brings us to our next point – where do you start building a brand?

Take The Test: How Well Do You Know Your Business | Photography Business Branding Ideas

It’s not only important to know your ideal client – you also need to make sure you know what makes your business tick, what makes it unique and what it is that should make your potential clients choose to do business with you over all of other photographers in your area? Are you trying to build a family-friendly or a luxurious brand?

Photography Business Branding Ideas | How To Brand A Photography ...

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Your Logo Is The Public Face Of Your Business | Photography Business Branding Ideas

Sure, the logo might play the second fiddle to the pictures you’re taking, but that doesn’t mean you get a Get out of Jail Free card just because you’re a photographer. Not only will your logo represent your business on your stationery items – from business cards to letterheads and email signature – but it can also be used as a watermark on the images you’re publishing online, which will considerably lower the chances of copyright infringement. Keep in mind that your logo will have to be able to appeal to your target audience – for example, a colorful Comic Sans font could work for a newborn photographer, while not so much for a high-fashion photographer.

Photography Website Is Much More Than A Simple Showcase Of Your Latest Images | Photography Business Branding Ideas

You’d be surprised how many photographers out there decide to skip setting up a website for their businesses and choose to promote their images using only Facebook. While this might work for some, in majority of cases it’s not the best idea. By setting up a custom website for your business, you’re creating the central hub of your online presence, which means your visitors will be able to connect with you whichever way they prefer – whether it’s social media, email or telephone.

Keep in mind that most of your clients will see your website long before they decide to pick up the phone and call you, so make sure it makes a favorable and lasting impression they land there. It should feature the best examples of your work, be easy to navigate, and optimized for mobile devices, so potential clients can access the information they need whichever device they’re using.

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Photography Business Branding Ideas | How To Brand A Photography ...

Clearly Define Branding Guidelines And Stick With Them | Photography Business Branding Ideas

We’ve been designing logos for professional photographers just like you for years now and we deliver branding guidelines with every logo we create. However, if you don’t have the branding guidelines, you’ll need to sit down and sort them out – the colors, fonts, your logo, and even different color versions of your logo should be in there. This way, when you kick off a new marketing campaign, you won’t have to think about these elements; instead, you’ll be able to focus on the content and goals of your marketing efforts.

Branding guidelines will also help you set up a consistent presence, both online and offline, so when your potential clients stumble upon your Twitter profile, they’ll be able to recognize your brand. A recent research has found that customers have to come in contact with a particular brand at least seven times before remembering it, which means you’ll stand a much better chance if you portray a consistent image throughout your materials.

Photography Business Branding Ideas | Website Design –

Create A Voice For Your Business | Photography Business Branding Ideas

What you say is important – but just as important is the way you say it – the way you answer your phone, the tone and language you use on your blog and on social media are critical factors that can affect your success. Reuse the key brand-related phrases, and keep your messaging consistent throughout – using a lighthearted tone on your Facebook page and being slightly stand-offish on your website will only confuse your potential clients and drive them to another photographer.

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